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Goodbye Musescore :'(

Yes, I am leaving musescore (around mid-June-ish), no it is not permanent. I will be back in September at the latest.This is where I will be for the first few days. I highly suggest going! If you see a teenager with long blond hair that has faded teal highlights, it's probably me. I'll be working at the Hawk Studio booth. Don't be creepy about it though. "Hey I know you from Musescore!" Perfect example. I go to quite a few renaissance festivals and I don't have ANY free time.

Welcome! Why don’t you introduce yourself? :D

Hey guys, welcome to Wolf Pack! Why don’t you take a moment to introduce yourselves?
Also, a thanks to AcousticRenegade for making this group! She’s our leader technically, so listen to her. ;P

Guess I’ll introduce myself.

I’m Jay, I’m a transcriber, arranger, singer, composer, and pianist. I’ve had piano lessons for 2 and a half years, and I’ve been self taught sense. I’m currently learning guitar too. I love making people smile, and I love to talk to people. :)


Hey I’m new here and I’m a 14 year old violinist that lives in the state of CT and that is part of the Connecticut orchestra for the New England region, I’ll be willing to help anyone out on pieces of music that is being composed. If you wanna talk then txt me anytime.

If you had to

Yea I admit, it's kinda morbid but I was talking about this topic with some friends and it was acc hilarious. So here's the question: If someone told you they are going to kill you, how and when would you prefer to die? I'll let a couple people answer before I let out my secret...

(Owner/admins if this is inappropriate, feel free to just tell me...I completely understand lol)