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Volume levels of player don't match exactly with desktop app

Certain instruments are loader when played in the player than in the desktop app. For example in the below score, i had to turn down the snare (caixa) to make it play at the same volume level in the player as it is in the app,  To duplicate, compare the volume levels of my score played in the player and in the desktop app.  I suggest testing all the instruments in the soundfont.  It's not a huge difference, but it is noticeable.

Also, please consider adding the ability to control the level of effects applied in player. The reverb level in the online player is higher than I what typically like to set in the desktop app. For now, I suggest turning down the effects in the player. Thanks.

Goodbye Musescore :'(

Yes, I am leaving musescore (around mid-June-ish), no it is not permanent. I will be back in September at the latest.This is where I will be for the first few days. I highly suggest going! If you see a teenager with long blond hair that has faded teal highlights, it's probably me. I'll be working at the Hawk Studio booth. Don't be creepy about it though. "Hey I know you from Musescore!" Perfect example. I go to quite a few renaissance festivals and I don't have ANY free time. (NOT A PRANK I don't know what was up with that)

Scores crash page within 10 seconds but only on mobile, works fine on desktop. Similar scores work perfectly.

These are the most recent of a series of pep band music, the 8th and 9th respectively. Every single one has worked until these two, which reload the page automatically within 10 seconds. It tries to load it again before giving up. The playback works correctly until the page reloads. This only happens on mobile, but on my desktop there are no problems. Is there any reason why this may be happening? There’s nothing setting these apart from the other arrangements and I’ve tried polishing up the files and reuploading. Any help would be appreciated.

MuseScore 2.1
Apple OS 12.1.4 (on multiple devices, untested on android)
El Capitan for my desktop