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Welcome everyone. Thanks in advance for joining this group.

What I want to do is to interview some of the top users on Musescore and find out more about them General facts on why they think they have so many followers and what they think makes people want to follow them. Second, I want to interview people that don't hardly get recognition.

And third, I want to report the basic news on Musescore. This would include scammers, weird emails, people leaving, etc... if you have any information like that you can preferably let me know via Musescore messaging system. so if you know anything interesting please let me know, even if it is just a fun fact about a person. please don't be shy about it.

I plan to do I biography a least once every two weeks. You can ask me to do one on you but, that doesn't mean I will choose you.

My dream is to have this group big enough that anyone can come on and find out anything that's going on. So if you would hit that join button and become a member, now.

Lizzapie's Story: Roles

Alrighty! I'm beginning to plan for my story and need characters. My genre is fantasy/adventure and may end up somewhat like The Princess Bride minus the romance. I stink at anything involving romance or relationships xD 

Here's what I have so far. Feel free to suggest a role you would like to be portrayed as! If you are one of these characters and want to change anything about yourself, please comment below. 

Rebecca Y - The queen of RSA, the entire world. She is an invisible being who speaks with a loud, booming voice from the heavens. She assists good citizens in defeating evil and intimidates wrong-doers. Unfortunately she has no powers to imprison or physically punish evil and rebellious citizens of RSA except screaming, "WHY CAN'T YOU JUST DO WHAT I SAY, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!?!?!?!? OH MY GOSH!!!!" She must appoint her henchman, Cl4rin3t, to do so.

Cl4rin3t - Rebecca's faithful henchman who tries her best to fulfill her mistresses wishes. 

Dookis - The annoying wannabe evil overlord with shape/personality shifting powers. 

mnmwert - The noble leader of the rebels who promotes democratic government. He thinks every citizen of the RSA's voice must be heard instead of having all their decisions be made by Rebecca Y. He has a larger group of followers than Rebecca Y and makes her jealous. At least he, Rebecca Y, and Cl4rin3t are all working together to bring Dookis down. In the end they become frenemies.  

Bug report for Musescore 2.3.0

It seems with this version is impossible to add a score to my SongBook. I tried the two methods that worked in previous versions:
1. Open in Musescore (from Gdrive or any other cloud app).
2. Drag and drop via Airdrop from my Mac to my iPad.
In both cases, nothing happens (well, with Airdrop there is a small flash saying "copying", but nothing is copied). 
I reinstalled the app from the Appstore, only to see my previous scores in my SongBook are gone...
Thanks a lot for your work!