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On czerny as a composer

I recently got a bit into listening to Czerny's etudes as actual compositions and it turns out a lot of them are quite elegant and beautiful. I feel like I have missed a whole world of piano music to listen to, because I was not taught to play art of finger dext nor any Hanon when I started out. The first piece titled ''etude'' that I started with was actually already Chopin's 25 no 1 and by then I already had quite the technique so I just felt like ranting a bit about how we should appreciate Czerny a bit more. It feels like he has just been neglected together with Hanon and Kabalevsky for being ''practice material''. 

Btw here is my latest composition, a mazurka in the style of late romantic composers:

My Mozart Arrangement

I am in the middle of writing a harmony part for the second violin in the second movement of K 545. I am arranging K 545 for a string quartet. I know I probably made a lot of mistakes in the harmony of the second movement, especially in the G minor section. But I think the first movement is good enough now. So I would mainly like some feedback on the second movement. The second violin part is incomplete because I got stuck towards the end of the G minor section. And yes, I know in the repeat of the G minor section, I have an E natural where it should be an Eb.

Here is the link to my arrangement: