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~ Magic Trick ~

- Think of a number between 5 and 10. For this to work i will need at least 10 answers, and please just one reply per person because multiple Numbers from the same Person messes things up

- i guess check back every now and again because i will reveal the Magic Trick once the appropriate amount of Numbers has been Reached ( If i am awake for it )

- See you then maybe

Riddle Game!

Basically, I'm being a copy-cat. Only thing different from the one in RSA and this one, is this is for riddles only. 
So, for those of you who don't know the rules, I will try to explain. There will be 10 riddles per round. If you answer a riddle correctly, you will get a point! You are allowed to guess as many times as you want. The person that has the most points by the end of the round, wins that round! 
Also, only Phia and I will post the riddles. Please, do not try to post your own because I will delete them. If you want to post riddles, you must do it in a different discussion. 
Thank you! 

New Piano Roll Feature on the

Today marks the release of MuseScore Piano Roll. Piano Roll is a popular and convenient method to display piano notation in a way that not only simplifies learning a new piece for novice musicians who lack a teacher, it also beautifully visualizes each score.

(Video captured from )

Give it a try by simply clicking on the Piano Roll icon now available on all solo piano scores. Be sure to tell us what you think in Improving!

All of these improvements are designed to not only make the most valuable resource online for sharing and discovering great musical works but for learning them as well.

We hope you’ll be as excited about this new feature as we were to create it for you, and as always we look forward to your feedback.

This is just the first of an exciting series of updates and releases for MuseScore PianoRoll; we're already hard at work on improving the experience!

Am I the only one?

Am I the only one who feels so unsafe at school right now? Like, there is literally no security. Just a couple weeks ago, a kid brought a pellet gun to school. That can still really hurt people, and it's still illegal, even though it's not a "real gun". Some days I'm honestly so scared and I just want to hide in the locker room in dance today because I'm honestly terrified and it seems like I'm the only one who feels this way.


I'm bored so here's 20 random facts about me that you didn't ask for:

1) I'm cold
2) I jammed my finger yesterday playing basketball
3) I changed my profile pic
4) It's the cover for the album "Appetite for Destruction" by Guns n' Roses. It was released in 1987 and has since sold 18 million copies in the US alone making it the bestselling debut album of all time
5) I know a lot about Guns n' Roses
6) I'm wearing a shirt that is the same as my profile pic right now lol
7) #4 wasn't a fact about me but I don't care
8) I just killed a wasp with my shoe
9) I've killed three wasps today
10) They all died by being crushed my my shoe
11) It's a grey sneaker from Walmart
12) Do you spell it gray or grey?
13) Is anyone going to read this far?
14) I'm going to the movies tonight
15) We're seeing John Wick 3
16) I'm tired
17) I'm bored
18) I lost my finger brace and now my finger hurts a lot
19) I should probably stop typing with my injured finger and find my brace
20) Found it

Canceled free pro membership, still in pro group channel.

I got a free trial of Musescore Pro about a month and a half ago. I have since canceled it since I don’t want to pay for it. That being said, I still get notifications from the pro group in my dashboard (I think it’s because I never actually left that group). When I click the posts, it just says the page is unavailable (probably since I’m no longer a pro member.) I can’t seem to do anything to remove myself from the group, and these notifications are bothering me.