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Should I let my canon modulate?

So I am writing a 2 voice canon so that I can get your feedback on it(and in this case it is literally 2 voices as I am using soprano and tenor voices, an octave apart from each other). It is a canon at the octave, one of the simplest interval canons, though you certainly can have a canon of the second and so forth. A canon of the tritone is theoretically possible but without being super careful, it is going to be dissonant throughout and the key will be ambiguous. Thus, this is usually not considered when talking about interval canons. Maybe someday I will try to do a canon at the tritone but for now I'm sticking to canons of consonant intervals.

Here is the progression that I am basing my canon off of:

V IV iv ii° V i

A typical progression for a minor key. My canon is in C minor. I have done 3 harmonization iterations(making sure to make it a smooth melody as I am doing the harmonization and making most leaps outline either a triad or a dominant 7th chord) and I am finding that my canon is wanting to go to Eb major. But ii° doesn't make sense in Eb major because it is chromatic(B natural in the chord where there is a Bb in the key signature) Also, the iv chord kind of makes sense, especially since it comes after IV in a plagal progression but going to tonic is delayed by 2 chords. And the tonic is minor, not typical for a major key unless you are like Beethoven and love those sudden shifts from major to minor. 

And Eb minor is a weird key to end up at from C minor. It is only a 2 step relation because it is Cm -> Eb -> Ebm, a relative modulation followed by a parallel modulation. If going by key signature alone, Eb minor and C minor are very distant keys(3 flats distant) I would want to avoid this sudden jolt into Eb minor(especially given that the last note in the tenor that I have so far is a C). So it is like, at the beginning of it, it wants to modulate to Eb but then towards the end it wants to go back to C minor. I will upload and post my incomplete canon so you can hear it for yourself and also give feedback on any mistakes that I have.

But should I let my canon modulate or should I keep it in C minor for it's entire length(which is 50 bars)?

I'm leaving soon. No set date yet.

Didn't really know when or how to say this, but I'll be going inactive on MuseScore in a few weeks. I have a busy schedule, and MuseScore is a lot to stay caught up with for me. I will not delete my profile because I want other users to listen to my scores. In a few weeks, I will be creating a website (in which the name will be revealed soon) while using another software to make more "scores" that I will post unlimitedly on my website. Once I add the link to my website on my profile, AS WELL AS MY FOLLOWER SHOUT OUT in my follower group as well as RSA (if Rebecca Y allows me to), I won't be on here anymore. I wanna thank all of those who have supported me on here and befriended me. (That's part of why I also wanted to make this group. So I can get to know all of you before I leave and so that I have a couple of things to say for my shout out for you guys). Thanks guys. :D

Dave Benson: Music: A Mathematical Offering

This  is a great book on the mathematics of music, it starts at your usual  pitch ratios and  sine waves but ends up at fourier transformations, burnside's  lemma and dihedral groups. There are also excursions to file formats and various  way to generate music (including specific software to do so).

Sonic Trailer Soundtrack needs to be more E🅱IC IMO

 Hey y'all, S̶c̶o̶t̶t̶ ̶h̶e̶r̶e̶ ,
as you probably all have seen by now, the Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer is looking hot garbage (ah, dat's haht).
We've all seen the model for Sonic and gone, "What the hell is that thing?".
But, I was more focused on the soundtrack and I thought it needed to be more  E🅱IC. So I 'fixed' it. I hope you enjoy it and please give me your thoughts. Thanks :)
Ok, but seriously, that Sonic was just awful, I really hope the redesign is a lot better