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Can anyone relate?

in Piano

Quick question,
I played the piano from 6 - 12 years of age and I loved it a whole bunch, my father used to put too much pressure on me, and I caved under that pressure and never played again.

Fastforward to now, I am 45 years old...
My husband and I were offered a used baby grand piano for an excellent price, and since we have the space and an 8-year-old daughter, he decided to purchase it.

But since it has been in our house, I have become obsessed with printing music and  playing it, and I practice every single day, and amazingly enough lots of things have come back.  I still read music, although there are some things that I know I missed.

But is it reasonable for me to think that at this age I can regain and be an adult that can actually play?  Has anyone picked this up again later in life and been able to do it better?  I do not want to take classes because I do not have the time, but is there a site I can go to, to pick up some skills that I missed?

I appreciate any feedback.


Scales with a beat

I am the Owner of The Academy for Contemporary, Jazz & Gospel Music of Southern Africa. We offer graded examinations systems in Contemporary music in South Africa. We are currently exploring all options and we are looking for people that are willing to contribute towards the promoting of music in various forms. One of our needs is someone that is willing to do arrangements of standard scales for us in the following way: The scale(in not a standard way)  in one clef either Treble or Bass and a melody of a known music piece in the other clef so that the scale forms part of a unique music piece.
I can be contacted on">

Musical Greetings Dries