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I want to share sheet music in korea

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 I want you to know that I use a translator before I write.
 First of all, I live in Korea and music is popular in Korea, so I am one of the generation who learned music most of the time. 
 So, I play the piano as a hobby, but I think most of the music that is shared is Korean music and I think there are only world-famous music that is shared overseas, so I am planning to choose good music for YouTube. 
 Once I get a list, I'm going to post it on YouTube if he sees it and says it's okay, and if it does, I'm going to post it on YouTube if you give me the producer's mark and other website. 
 And this is the list. 
Adam Wallace 
The Last Goodbye - Billy Boyd

  Airik Daily
 Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress ED | Ninelie


Yoru no uta - 夜の歌 

Ocean Lullaby - Original 
Flowering Night - Sakuya's Theme (full ver.) 
Surrender - The Birthday Massacre - Piano

Elysium of the blue sky (Xenoblade Chronicles 2) Piano Sheet Music 

 ||Keys Sonata|| - Keys of Light 

Wendy's Song

  Bomb and Kou Sheet Music 
Again | Your Lie in April | TheIshter Sheet Music | Full Sheets - Re-Done 
Stormclouds [Original Piano Solo] 
Dream Within Dreams/No Adrenaline | Valiant Hearts: The Great War 

 Ceascer Olivian Hallenkord 



 Hampus Lönnqvist 

東方萃夢想Touhou-Broken Moon 

 Harris Zheng  
Think of Me In Space


A Better Day  (Original)
 Running Lost In Time (Original)

Magic Mirror Piano [Rin & Len] Full Song!

 kartikay.kumar.944 Katyusha[Grand Piano]

White Reflection - Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz 

Goodbye | Piano solo
 Piano Song | 68 Follower Special!!

Incarnation as a Fish (original)
 Synesthesia Colors (original)

2018 Inspiration Original Composition

 Piano sheets 
Two Steps From Hell: Star Sky - Piano Solo

Piano Solo 9 - original compossition

ああああ - 『 Carnation 』【BMS差分】{Collaborative transcription} 
 Progression {Original Piano Solo}  

 rebecca yang
 Shine Through 
 Collage of Colours|LIVE RECORDING 
 Emerald|Advanced Piano Solo 

At the Pirate Tavern  

 Ruslan Denshaev 
...night, snowflakes, lamppost

Sam’s Theme 

 Simon Wetton 
Summer Snow 
(Original Composition)

Original Theme for RSA Variations 
Flow of Time 
Isle Of Memories 
Starry Skies  


 TheLight OI 
Far in the Distance
 A Love Dream

Splice (400 followers) 

  - The Zhong Bros. -  
Scent (from VOEZ)

A Light in the Storm (Original Piano Solo) 

 Vinicius de Oliveira Souza 
Snow Fairy - Funkist - Fairy Tail

 ViolaNotViolin Endless Tears: Love is a Beautiful Pain [complete]

[Touhou] Sleepless Night of the Eastern Country


Death Moon 


-This will continue to be revised- 
 It is so strange to read translated English. :o

+I'm sorry I made you misunderstand.
I did not write it properly.
What I'm trying to do is not play the selected songs directly on the piano, but introduce them.
 At the top, I can just see what I introduce because most of the Korean teenagers in their 20s have learned to play the piano. 
 What I'm trying to do is introduce, not real performance. 
 I'm sorry again. 

Feedback on my Turkish March?

I composed a Turkish March months ago. It was my first go at rondo form and is one of very few pieces that I have written in the key of C major. C major is like my avoid key. If there is 1 key I would use least often, it is C major. Here are the reasons why:

C major sounds boring to me
Can't really get chromatic without questioning myself whether or not I am modulating(like the moment I write a Bb in a C major piece, I question myself if I am modulating to F major or not)
C major to me, is an overused key(seriously, the most common key in pretty much every music genre and from every composer from Bach to Mozart to Brahms, is C major)

So here is how I went about composing my Turkish March:

First I listened to Mozart's Turkish March from Piano Sonata no. 11 in A and Beethoven's Turkish March from The Ruins of Athens and found these similarities:

Major key
Basic eighth note pulse at quarter note = 110 BPM
Minor key used for harmony, drama, or both(mostly harmony in Mozart's case(the alternation of A minor with A major shows up in every movement of his 11th piano sonata))
Rondo form
Left hand sort of sounds like footsteps

I then took these and applied them to each of the sections of my Turkish March. I do use a plagal cadence early on but that is because I wanted to not have a sense of finality while still saving the dominant tendency for the PAC in the A section. Speaking of which, here are the sections:

A - Initial C major section
B - F major section
C - Up and down the major scale in the right hand, arpeggios in the left hand
D - A minor section
E - C minor section

Like Mozart's Turkish March, I also have a short coda to end the Turkish March. Here I experimented with using the major seventh as a dominant chord and I think it turned out well. I tended to use the subdominant chord to end the antecedent phrase of my periods here. I also only used C harmonic minor to transition from the E section to the C section. Overall, my harmonic progression in a lot of the sections was this:


I even accented the subdominant chord in the initial C major section to give it more of a dominant feel, even though it is the subdominant.  Here is a link to my Turkish March video:

Here is Mozart's Rondo Alla Turka for a comparison:

It is much faster than my Turkish March but other than the tempo and keys used and the actual melody, not much is different(5 or more distinct sections of the rondo, a section with arpeggios in the left hand and octaves in the right hand, coda for an ending with arpeggios in the right hand, both parallel and relative minor keys are used, bass notes not far from the third intervals(at most like a fifth away), octave alberti bass in the right hand in ending bars, are all commonalities between my Turkish March and Mozart's Turkish March)

What do you think of my Turkish March? Do you think I may have overused the subdominant here? I have been told that it sounds more like a gentle dance than a march but I don't know of any dance that is in 2/4 and I'm not even sure that it exists. I have also been told that there being so many thirds in the left hand muddies the piece and that it would be better if the bass note was like an octave away from where it is now.

The violin

A violin is taken to hospital. The doctor examines her and says:
"There's nothing wrong with you. But you broke your bow. How did that happen?"
Violin: "I only remember the thunderous applause for the composer."
Doctor: "Do you remember his name?"
Violin: "No. I think he was on the first page of the sheet music."

Help. I'm trying to track down a score.

in Piano

Hello, I wonder, has anyone ever come across sheet music by Giuliano Sacchetto and / or Giordano Trivellato.  I understand they are the composers behind a lovely piece of piano music called Daydreaming, used on one of those meditation CDs.  I'd love to learn to play it, but having real difficulty finding the music, no matter how much I google.   Thanks. 

What's Your Favorite John Denver Song?

Take Me Home, Country Roads
Rocky Mountain High
Mother Nature's Son (Remastered)
Annie's Song
Grandma's Feather Bed
The Eagle and The Hawk
Wild Montana Skies
Wild Flowers in a Mason Jar
Sunshine On My Shoulders
Eagles and Horses
Sing Australia
Homegrown Tomatoes
The Harder They Fall
The Cowboy and the Lady
Pickin' The Sun Down
Downhill Stuff (Remastered)
Around and Around
Some Days Are Diamonds (Some Days Are Stone)
I Guess He'd Rather Be in Colorado
For Baby (For Bobbie)
Darcy Farrow
Looking For Space
Forest Lawn
Shanghai Breezes
I Want to Live
Whispering Jesse
Catch Another Butterfly
High, Wide, and Handsome
Starwood in Aspen
It Amazes Me
Fire and Rain
Let It Be
This Old Guitar
Cool an' Green an' Shady
Wrangle Mountain Song
Johnny B. Good (Remastered)
Alaska and Me
Steel Rails
On the Wings of an Eagle
Rita Ballou
Dance Little Jean
Nobody Can Take My Dreams From Me
The Gold and Beyond
On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe
Everyday (Remastered)
Leaving On A Jet Plane
On The Road
Thank God I'm a Country Boy
It's Up To You
Follow Me
Foxfire Suite
Tenderly Calling
Late Nite Radio
Love is Everywhere
Earth Day Every Day
Never a Doubt
The Flower That Shattered The Stone
Stonehaven Sunset
The Ballad of St. Anne's Reel
Come and Let Me Look Into Your Eyes

and much, MUCH more. XD

Tango for solo piano

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 When I was riding the usual train back home last Friday (15/03/2019), there was a beggar who came to a small group of children and started to tell them his whole life story, (probably to) exploit their innocence and kindness, as to squeeze out whatever candy money the kids would have had inside their jackets. The situation made me rather irritated. Finally,the beggar walked away after he had managed to get out whatever pocket money the children had to offer. The melody came to me all of a sudden, then, the rhythmic shaking and turnings of the train seemed to me like a tango. So, that is what I decided to write.

Richard Clayderman

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Hello friends! I heard a wonderful piece by Richard Clayderman the other day, and I would very much like to find a Midi Music file called For My Sweetheart or Lettre A Ma Mere, they seem to be the same, so I didn’t find such music here, I really would like somebody to do this, thank you so much