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Hello Everyone!

This topic is about flutes. well duh. Flutes are great. So what flutes do you play or love or own or yeah!

I play PVC kontrabass flute. I made it! I love the deep haunting sound of the bass flute. I don't have much money, but when I do get enough, I will buy myself a bass flute. First, though, I have to buy myself a new french horn for band next year.

What do you play or own or love?

Top-50 jazz sax players

Came across the list of "top 50 greatest jazz saxophone players of all time", thinking that the list is quite good. But I would place Pharoah Sanders at list in the Top-5 (he is in the end of the list, but, in my opinion, that's not right), for me he is one of the best ;Ornette Coleman was really great as well. What you guys think about the list and what changes would you make in it? 

Do it Again - Elevation Worship

Hey guys how is everyone doing?  can someone do me a favor?  Can someone make sheet music to this please please.
 .  And if its possible can you make it so theres only 2 notes in the left hand cuz its quit a stretch for all the notes.  So can someone please make sheet music to this song with only 2 notes in the left hand please?  I would really appreciate it.