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March Madness Contest ending appropriately April 1

Enter an original composition, any topic will do. The theme is silliness, fun, and madness (the good kind) just in time for April Fool's day. The wilder and stranger, the better for this contest. For my part, I am thinking of writing a one note symphony, sort of a musical penance and challenge. Only one note (different octaves are allowed) with different rhythms and volumes and instrumentation to try to keep it interesting. But you have your own ideas.
Every entrant will receive a critique from the administrator that will include positive encouragement, what is especially liked about the composition, and suggestions or advice on improvements (if any are needed). First, second, third, and honorable mention awards are given.
We are lucky to also have Admiral Bridgeport from the Music Academy for Talented Koalas and Señora Adagio Forte from the Psychobabble Music Institute assisting with the judging.
Good luck and hope to hear from you soon.

Calling all Judges...

thinking about an idea (maybe?) of inviting other members to help judge the various contests in the Laugh Silly group. Why should one tin ear administrator be the sole judge of the wonderful music that members submit to the contests?
Are you interested in helping judge contests? Just let me know here.
Of course, as a judge, it wouldn't be right if you have one of your own compositions in the contest. and would need to have 3 judges, for tie breakers.
I am not sure how we could tabulate the results confidentially or we could just set up a separate discussion for tabulating the voting by the judges or it cold be done at unless someone has a better idea.

Love Song Contest for Feb 14

A new contest for the new year. Submit an original love song by Feb 14 by posting to the "Laugh Silly" group. It can have lyrics if you want and can be in any style. It can be serious or silly or serious and silly. Multiple compositions are ok, too so if you want to write a love tune to your mother, your sister, your boyfriend, your second boyfriend or girlfriend, an imaginary friend, fine. The more love, the better. All you need is love, wait that line is taken. The judges promise they won't take off points for a serious song. First, second, third place and honorable mention winners will be awarded (provided at least 4 tunes are entered). Everyone will get bananadollars. Good luck to all.

Is 'Laugh Silly' a legitimate art form?

Laugh Silly is a group on Musescore. What is really meant by the question is: Can music that focuses on being silly just to provoke a laugh, music that seems to enjoy depreciation and decomposition as laugh-worthy themes, music that further seems to work hard at avoiding being serious, be considered a serious art form worthy of respect? And wouldn't this be totally counter to the point? How can anything that doesn't want to be serious, be considered serious? How can anything that doesn't want respect, accept any form of respect? How can anything that simply wants to be silly be an art form? Once it becomes serious, respectful, and an art form, it basically disintegrates and is no longer what it sets out to be. It is a quandary. Are we asking the wrong question?

New Year's Contest ending January 31

Here is a new contest in which you can embody all the bright shiny new prospects, dreams, goals, and resolutions of the new year. Any style of music is accepted. Just post your new music to this group or post a comment here to enter a composition that has already been posted to this group. Compositions will be judged on originality, sound quality, theme development, harmony, and as always, fun and laugh inducing characteristics. Contest will be judged at the end of January. Good luck.

Famous Composer Challenge

See if you can answer correctly all these challenge questions about famous composers. If you correctly answer 20 challenges, you are an Honorary Music Master.
Answers will be posted in February.

1. Which composer’s name translated into English is Joe Green.
2. Which composer wrote a piece with real whale song?
3. Which composer wrote an opera parody with a title taken from Mozart’s “Abduction from the Seraglio” and “Marriage of Figaro”?
4. Which composer wrote a symphony about Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg) during World War II?
5. Which composer wrote the music for a ballet about a puppet?
6. Which composer wrote the music for another ballet in which a mechanical doll needs to be wound up several times to continue dancing?
7. Which composer wrote music for an opera about a lady named "Butterfly"?
8. Who wrote music about the planets?
9. Which composer wrote music about a bee?
10. Which composer wrote music for an opera that includes a sword swinging singing warrior woman?
11. Which composer wrote a symphonic poem about his native country, a composition that was once entitled “A Scandinavian Choral March” in order to avoid censorship?
12. What composer was a virtuoso pianist who wrote a famous Hungarian Rhapsody?
13. Which pacifist composer wrote a composition in remembrance of the dead from WWII?
14. What composer is credited with a composition technique using all 12 tones of the scale?
15. Who wrote music about a troll mountain king?
16. Who wrote music based on a poem about a forest half human-half goat creature?
17. Who wrote music for “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”?
18. Which composer who wrote a jazzy composition about how the world was formed?
19. Who wrote a composition for classical guitar and orchestra inspired by the gardens of a resort?
20. Which composer was a first for winning an academy award for best musical or comedy score?
21. Bonus extra credit: What composer wrote semi autobiographical music about a piano lounge singer?

To help you out, here is list of composers you can match up with the questions
A. Benjamin Britten
B. Claude Debussy
C. Tan Dun
D. Edvard Grieg
E. Alan Hovhaness
F. Gustav Holtz
G. Franz Liszt
H. Darius Milhaud
I. Jacques Offenbach
J. Rachel Portman
K. Giacomo Puccini
L. Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
M. Joaqun Rodrigo
N. Peter Schickele
O. Arnold Schoenberg
P. Dmitri Shostakovich
Q. Jean Sibelius
R. Igor Stravinsky
S. Giuseppe Verdi
T. Richard Wagner

New signature motif contest oct 4, 2014 ending Jan 15

NEW CONTEST (Oct 4, 2014)
Put your name to music. That’s right, immortalize yourself in musical notes. You could have your own signature musical motif just like some of the great composers. All you need to do is compose an original composition assigning the letters of your name to musical notes. Be creative and use any rhythm and harmonies you want as well as any length of composition and any instrumentation. Use any system you want for assigning musical notes to letters. As an examples, a simple cypher for converting letters to notes might be as follows:

Letter: A b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
Note: a b c d e f g a b c d e f g a b c d e f g a b c d e
Octave 1 octave 2 octave 3 octave 4

Thus, if your name were ‘chinadoll’, your musical signature would be:
So, give it a try for fun and submit your cool tune to this new wacky contest. Anyone can join. End of the contest will be Jan 15.

Comments Contest, make comments and win

Yowza yowza yet another contest,
yes another contest, there can’t be too many.
This one recognizes and rewards those who comment the most in the chinadoll groups. The contest starts Oct 28 and runs through November. Everyone in the ‘laugh silly’ and ‘Downy Yellow Dingle Dork’ groups are automatically entered. The way the contest works is as follows:

Each word in a comment to another member’s post (music or discussion) within the ‘laugh silly’ and ‘Downy Yellow Dingle Dork’ groups gets one point.

But wait, that’s not all! A 5 point bonus is given each time any of the following words are used: “DYDD” or “banana” or “Dingle Dork.”

Oh, heck, because I am really nice, let's say you get another bonus point if you also join Sonofjunk's groups 'hsm' or 'in my opinion' or if you join Rockn's 'Everyone's' group.

At the end of November, the administrator will play accountant and count up all the words entered by each of the commenters and announce the winners. The winner gets the incredible indescribable impressive “Gold Banana DYDD” award.Yay. Have fun.

New contest! Ends January 1!

Ok, as Chinadoll has given us the permission to make our own contests (or at least I hope he was( if not, just delete this)), I decided to try it out. In this contest you will have to make a story with sound effects. There is only three rules; I cannot take part in this, have fun, and the main character must be annoyed as much as possible. The winner will be determined by me putting myself in the person's shoes and rating the annoyingness on a scale of 1 to 10, with the person with the highest amount of points winning. In the case of someone getting the same amount of points as another person, a tie-breaker will be made. There is no limit to how many entry's you put in and the contest will end on January 1. Also, if you need some help, look at my song "I Hate Flies" for some examples. So in the meantime, wanna tell me some jokes?

The 2014 Year in Review

The 2014 year in review
This has been an interesting year filled with many wonderful compositions submitted to several music contests including for the best Silly composition, for the best Critter themed contest, a signature motif (still time to enter!), a tasty banana recipe contest, and exciting comments contests and discussions. Take a look at our “Laugh Silly Hall of Fame Contest Winners.”
Along the way, there have been numerous fascinating discussion topics including one asking the vital question “Is Laugh Silly a legitimate art form?” and “How long does it take you to decompose?” among others.
Members have taken the great initiative to start their own contests or discussions. Shewcrafter started a discussion called “Great Group.” Shewbacca started the Quest to find the DYDD discussion and one about funny text art. Rockn started a contest for the most annoying composition.
This has been the year of the escape by the DYDD and the courageous efforts of a few to recover the lost bird. There arose some speculation about the existence of lost Pacificus scrolls detailing an ancient civilization of Dingle Dorks as well as the possibility of the existence of other variants including the Downy Purple Dingle Dork, the carnivorous Red Tailed Dingle Dork Hawk, and the ancient 27 ton Orange Dingle Dorkasaurus.

critter contest 10-16-14 ending Dec 15

Quite few compositions in this group seem to be about various types of critters -toads, mosquitoes, birds, horses, does sponge bob count as a critter?- do let's have a new exciting contest. You are invited to submit your original critter composition, about any creature you want, as many entries as you want. First, second, and third place winners will be announced after Dec 15. Doesn't this sound exciting? It should since we already have some really great pieces that are of course automatically entered into the contest. As always, we like music that is funny and silly so get those compositions entered and good luck to all.

Funny Text art!!


new contest 7-18-14 ending Oct 31

New contest 7-18-14
Ok, admittedly, the last contest was a fiasco but this is a real contest, honest. There will be no reanimated judges, no secret invisible winning compositions, no fake winning free trip to a tropical paradise. Instead, here is the deal:
1. only compositions that are actually visible to all can be submitted and entered.
2. The administrator chinadoll (who will not be allowed to enter the contest) will be the sole judge.
3. Entries must be original compositions.
4. Each person entering may submit multiple compositions.
5. Any composition either already posted or newly posted between 7-18 and 10-31 may be entered. to enter, just post a composition or request that one already posted be entered.
6. Entries will be judged based on originality/novelty, humor, silliness, and fun.
7. All compositions will receive a detailed critique of at 30-50 words in length (if that matters to you) by the administrator
8. The prize for the winner will be the honor of winning.
9. The contest will end 10-31-14 and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be announced at this site shortly thereafter.
10. of course, all this is assuming anyone actually enters the contest...