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Variations on "Your Best Friend"- COLLABORATIVE PROJECT!

So, I had this idea going through my head- why don't we, the composers of MuseScore, collaborate on a "theme and variations" piece? People who want to collaborate to this piece will be given a month to add a variation of a theme that I have chosen to the overall piece. Once the month is over, every variation (including a few of my own that I create) will be compiled, an outro will be added to the piece, and I will submit the piece to be performed by my school string orchestra. Doesn't this sound exciting? :) (This is open to all of MuseScore, BTW)
I have already chosen the theme that everyone will be working with- Flowey's theme, "Your Best Friend" from Undertale. (plz no hate, thx). I have also already made an intro, arranged the theme, and have added a variation of my own to the piece.

YOU (the composers of MuseScore) have until 8/31/2019 to come up with an up to 5-minute variation of your own to add to the score. (The score can be accessed here-

Once you have created your variation(s) and are ready to add it/them to the score, you have 3 ways to submit it-
1. Post a comment on the score (or on this thread) linking the variation to me.
2. Message me through MuseScore with the link (file?).
3. (most recommended) Email me at with your link or MuseScore file. (DO NOT SPAM ME, HARRASS ME, OR COME TO ME WITH UNSOLICITED OFFERS. I WILL FLAG YOU AND REPORT YOU.)

Once your variation is in my hands, I MAY OR MAY NOT edit it so that it is clear, readable, involves enough members of the orchestra, and so that it links up with the preceding and forthcoming variations. I also will add some of my own variations to the piece. 

 Once the deadline is past, I WILL NOT accept any more variations to the piece. This is when I finalize the variations, add an outro, and submit the piece to be considered for performance. All people who entered their variations will be credited (person to variation- if you made the variation, you will be credited on that variation.)
1. DO NOT ADD ANY MORE INSTRUMENTS. This piece is for a string orchestra with a piano and 4 percussionists (1 mallet, 3 untuned)- NO MORE. I will not accept you adding any more instruments (i.e. woodwind, brass, keyboards/synths, more percussion lines, etc.) to the score. At the very most, I MAY allow you to add ONE *OPTIONAL* woodwind or brass instrument (or solo voice) that can be replaced by an instrument that I have already placed in the score (string or piano). Any more than that, and I WILL NOT accept it until you rewrite your variation so it fits in the already-existing score format.

2. KEEP IT PLAYABLE. I intend this piece to be played by real human beings, who have limitations that a computer doesn’t. Therefore, PLEASE, for the love of GOD, don’t give me a bunch of string block chords or insane 128th-note passages that would SHREAD someone’s fingers if they even attempted to play it. That is an absolute NO-NO, and I will not accept your variation until you get serious and give me something that’s actually GOOD.

3. IF YOU MAKE A VARIATION, LET ME KNOW. I have ways of finding out if you purposely tried to hide your variation and pass the entire piece off as your own. And if I find out that you intentionally tried to violate MY copyright, I WILL DEMAND that MuseScore take down your piece. (However, I can understand if you merely forgot, or problems came up with you sending it to me. But, if I find a variation that wasn’t sent to me, I WILL assume that you tried to hide it intentionally, until I find out otherwise.)
So, what are you waiting for?! START COMPOSING and HAVE FUN! :)
Original piece:
My Email:

Variable speed arpeggio

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I'm working on a piece in 4/4 that involves an ascending and descending 3 octave arpeggio which spans each measure with the last note beginning the next measure. The arpeggio starts slow on Bb2 and increases speed ending on Bb5, then reverses using both hands.

How would I go about notating this? Since there are 18 notes in the arpeggio with a variable speed, it's hard to figure out how to fit it into the time. ;-/ 

I'm VERY new to music theory :)

One of the better things I've written in a while (A very short, sweet but tempestuous piece)

in Piano

It's named Bagatelle pour une Paysanne (named with help from Christopher Constance).
I'd say I'm a decent pianist myself, but the touch and syncopation drilling required for this one is pretty insane. Sight-reading at a slow tempo was really fine though. 

From Description:
 A few days ago, I was wondering about what could make the shortest piece possible? Well, the structural foundations need to obviously be kept in order to be able to name it a ''piece''. I posted the discussion in Musescore composers.
Naturally, a heated debate ensued, but we could almost all agree upon that a piece was something more than the notes and phrase(s) contained.

Philosophically some may say that a piece can consist of whatever you want, as long as it's music and since music can be any sound which communicates, then a piece can be a note spanning half a second. But, that would be a reductio ad absurdum. Because a piece is more than the sum of its parts, it's not like one can name the components of a piece and say ''that's it''.

It's not possible to use language to accurately pinpoint what exactly makes a piece but to use a metaphor, I would like it to painting. A piece of painting is one or more strokes of the brush on a canvas which communicates something to those who see the painting. Likewise, a piece of music may be defined as one or more notes strung together on a piece of staff paper which communicates something of the composer?

Ultimately, music is its own thing. When people try to compare it with colours, shapes, other languages or art forms, it's not going to be music anymore. Just like one word in a language that has a specific meaning and it becomes impossible to translate it precisely. 


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Hi... so I'm kinda new to this whole thing, and I accidentally pressed the X on my palette. How can I get it back? It used to be at the left side of the screen and now I don't know how to get it back. Anyone know?

Reducing notes in bar properties

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Anyone knows how one can reduce not counts in a bar to a single eight note. I could reduce it only to a quarter. I need the one half gone and the programme not have space for that as it creates a rest when I load the music on youtube. Alternatively how do you get to anacruses after having typed everything?

Thanks in advance

Westworld Main Title Theme

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Hi, all! it may not look like anything to you, but here's my take on Westworld:

I know there are dozens of versions of this on MuseScore, but I wasn't satisfied with any of them, so I tried starting from scratch on my own adaptation. I don't have much piano experience, and this is my first time adapting anything to sheet music, but I've learned a lot in the process! I'd love to get some feedback from the pros on here as to what might be improved.