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Silly Anthem Contest, ending September 7th

It's always nice to be patriotic, even if your cause is totally - to put it nicely, a little odd. That's why this contest is just for those people. Your mission is to write an anthem about something completely ridiculous and silly. An example anthem is found here:

I will judge 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, and others can help to judge provided that they don't enter in the contest.
Thank you and good composing!
P.S. Deadline is September 7th (Labour Day for us North Americans)

Current entries:
-Last Pringle in the Can Anthem by EpicZac404
-The Lunchbell Anthem by 20JPorter
-Anthem to Bellybutton Lint by Chinadoll

Soundfont contest!

If I may, I would like to suggest a contest: Find the worst soundfont you can (MuseScore 1 is acceptable if you don't want to download a new one - just use oboe, accordion, or another really bad-sounding instrument soundfont), then write a short song for it and see if you can make it sound good! It can be for any instrument.

The idea is credit of Benjamin Basford ( - discussion here: The deadline is August 9th, so you have a full month to do it. The judges (me and whoever else would like to be one) can enter but may not judge themselves.

Good luck!

Are you a Lord of the Rings nerd and love composing? Then this contest is for you

I just got a great idea for a new contest. I've noticed that a lot musescorers, my self included, are huge Lord of the Rings fans. Throughout Tolkein's works, there are dozens of lyrics without written melodies. My contest idea is to adapt a original, creative melody to the lyrics of any song in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I think I am going to adapt a melody for Tom Bombadill's song.

Original TV Theme Contest (Over, Winners Announced)

So, you want your own TV show? Sorry, can't do it. But you can join this contest where you write YOUR OWN original TV theme song or theme music along with the title and a short description of the show's idea. Due on my birthday, July 11. I may extend if highly requested.

Current Entries:
Cheesy TV Show by messer*
The Final Five by EpicZac404*
Summertime Rag by creammonster*
Mission DYDD! by chinadoll*

Half-Time Awards:
Most Likely to Be a Successful Show: Final Five by EpicZac404
Most Original TV Show Idea: Mission DYDD! by chinadoll
Most Fitting to Group Name: Cheesy TV Show by Messer
Most Catchy: Summertime Rag by creammonster
Worst Song: All of them are bad :P

3rd: Summertime Rag by creammonster
2nd: Final Five by EpicZac404
1st: Mission, wait, Cheesy TV Show by Messer! Congratulations!

musescore 2.01 comments

I realize there is likely a discussion of this elsewhere but decided to have my own discussion to keep track of issues. you are welcome to add your own comments of course.

notice that some compositions created in the older version don't open in the newer one, says they are corrupted. I realize my music is very corrupt but musescore could have been a little nicer about it all. that is just plain mean.

notice that the violin sounds a lot better, more pleasant ( I won't say it sounds more like a real violin being played because then it would sound worse, if I was playing anyway)

but also notice that the overall sound seems very quiet. I have to turn the computer volume up really high. and then if I forget and play something with the older version, I am deafened. yowza!

wonder how music made with this new version plays at the online musescore site, or does the sound balance get messed up as it does now…

haven't found how to do some things… seems they changed the layout a bit.

new contest challenge: scales composition, deadline Sept 30

This was originally conceived as a challenge to Rivergrove who is so talented at writing wonderful music for children to enjoy. I thought it would be fun to try to write a piece that would be simple and fun and original and would help teach kids about music scales. What do you think? The deadline for the contest will be September 30. The rules are of course that the piece should be 1) original, 2) fun, 3) easy for kids to play, 4) educational, teaching about musical scales. It can be for any instrument that a kid might play including for elementary school band. Hope to hear your piece soon.

Calling all Judges...

thinking about an idea (maybe?) of inviting other members to help judge the various contests in the Laugh Silly group. Why should one tin ear administrator be the sole judge of the wonderful music that members submit to the contests?
Are you interested in helping judge contests? Just let me know here.
Of course, as a judge, it wouldn't be right if you have one of your own compositions in the contest. and would need to have 3 judges, for tie breakers.
I am not sure how we could tabulate the results confidentially or we could just set up a separate discussion for tabulating the voting by the judges or it cold be done at unless someone has a better idea.

your turn to vote!!! hopefully the page is working now

the "Laugh Silly" version of the academy awards for music and composer. All members can submit their vote for the best "Laugh Silly" composer and for best composition thus far (excluding chinadoll, in other words, do not vote for chinadoll or anything of chinadoll compositions, not that you would necessarily, but just in case, thanks)

Original Film or Game Theme Contest (ending April 30)

In this contest, post your original film or game themes or it could be an original tune for a tv show here at "Laugh Silly." The themes can be for movies already out, for sequels, or for films in your imagination. Any style or instrumentation is welcome. The themes can be serious, spoofs, western, space, fun, silly, or whatever you want. Compose your new "Star Wars" or "Hunger Games" "Pirate" or "Lego" film theme for instance. The contest ends April 30. Depending on the number of entries, awards can be for best original theme, best spoof, best comedy, western, etc.

Waltz Contest ending July 31

I recently heard a terrific waltz on musescore and so now have the idea of yet another contest, can not have too many, ending July 31.
Any waltz style is fine, multiple compositions are fine, just needs to be an original waltz. Can be a wild and crazy waltz or a serious waltz. Just post your music to the laugh silly group to enter. As always, the administrator will provide a lengthy comment including appropriate "bravos" and whatever suggestions that come to mind, if any. All members are encouraged to provide comments as well. First, second, third, and honorable mention prizes will be awarded. This contest as all of them are just fun contests, not meant to hurt anyone's feelings or make anyone feel like a 'loser'. Everyone who creates music is a winner and anyone who enters is an even bigger winner in my music book (well, I don't really have a book, just an expression). Enough jibberjabber.

Solo Instrument Contest ending June 30

Write an original composition for your favorite musical instrument (real or imagined) and post to the "Laugh Silly" group. It can be unaccompanied or with a piano or orchestra or what the hey, you can make it a duet, quartet, or 50 harmonica band for that matter. The idea is to feature a favorite wonderful instrument of your choice in a composition. Have fun and hope to hear from you soon.
Every entrant will receive a critique from the administrator that will include positive encouragement, what is especially liked about the composition, and suggestions or advice on improvements (if any are needed). First, second, third, and honorable mention awards are given. Thanks.

March Madness Contest ending appropriately April 1

Enter an original composition, any topic will do. The theme is silliness, fun, and madness (the good kind) just in time for April Fool's day. The wilder and stranger, the better for this contest. For my part, I am thinking of writing a one note symphony, sort of a musical penance and challenge. Only one note (different octaves are allowed) with different rhythms and volumes and instrumentation to try to keep it interesting. But you have your own ideas.
Every entrant will receive a critique from the administrator that will include positive encouragement, what is especially liked about the composition, and suggestions or advice on improvements (if any are needed). First, second, third, and honorable mention awards are given.
We are lucky to also have Admiral Bridgeport from the Music Academy for Talented Koalas and Señora Adagio Forte from the Psychobabble Music Institute assisting with the judging.
Good luck and hope to hear from you soon.

The 2014 Year in Review

The 2014 year in review
This has been an interesting year filled with many wonderful compositions submitted to several music contests including for the best Silly composition, for the best Critter themed contest, a signature motif (still time to enter!), a tasty banana recipe contest, and exciting comments contests and discussions. Take a look at our “Laugh Silly Hall of Fame Contest Winners.”
Along the way, there have been numerous fascinating discussion topics including one asking the vital question “Is Laugh Silly a legitimate art form?” and “How long does it take you to decompose?” among others.
Members have taken the great initiative to start their own contests or discussions. Shewcrafter started a discussion called “Great Group.” Shewbacca started the Quest to find the DYDD discussion and one about funny text art. Rockn started a contest for the most annoying composition.
This has been the year of the escape by the DYDD and the courageous efforts of a few to recover the lost bird. There arose some speculation about the existence of lost Pacificus scrolls detailing an ancient civilization of Dingle Dorks as well as the possibility of the existence of other variants including the Downy Purple Dingle Dork, the carnivorous Red Tailed Dingle Dork Hawk, and the ancient 27 ton Orange Dingle Dorkasaurus.