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I´m new on Musescore; Please Help on drum notation.

I would like to write some notes for drums. The rhythmic part I have no problem, but in big band ensemble I see that it is written in musical notation according to how the arrangement is in winds or brass sections. I read the word "assembly" on top of the battery staff. The question is, how do you write this arrangement? I cannot find the topic in the Musescore manual or guide.
Of course, I thank the entire community if you can send me a link to this chapter.

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We want to see how good you play, comparing to us. When you post please say the name of the song you played. Please take this seriously and no joking around. If you joke around, you will be kicked out of the group. Please do not send extra videos of extra stuff. Once you join this group, you can go ahead record, or upload a song
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