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Hi! I am a 8th grade viola player!

Hi! I am a 8th grade viola player! I am looking for a piece that I can practice and play at the end of the year in front of my teacher so that I can move up in my orchestra class. Please help me find a piece that's not too hard but can show that I am capable of playing at a 10th grade level. I would prefer that it be something modern or from a movie, but if you think it is a good piece please comment the name. I need all the help I can get. Please nothing too hard or too easy. Thanks!


My string ensemble

I'm a high school violinist and I am in a small string ensemble (one cello and two violins - possibly three violins/one viola next year when new people come in) and I was wondering if someone could recommend some pieces. Currently we're doing Spring from The Four Seasons.