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Is this original or is it something already written? Thanks for the help

Hey, I had this in my head, it sounds a bit Mozart-y but honestly I havnt studied music for at least 9 years so I have no clue.
It's only 4 bars, it just sounds so familiar.
If it isn't actually any song, then it's an original and I can work on expanding the piece. 
Thanks for your help and let me know what you think

Completely new to Musescore and to notating again, excited to see where this program will take me

Soundfont contest!

If I may, I would like to suggest a contest: Find the worst soundfont you can (MuseScore 1 is acceptable if you don't want to download a new one - just use oboe, accordion, or another really bad-sounding instrument soundfont), then write a short song for it and see if you can make it sound good! It can be for any instrument.

The idea is credit of Benjamin Basford ( - discussion here: The deadline is August 9th, so you have a full month to do it. The judges (me and whoever else would like to be one) can enter but may not judge themselves.

Good luck!

Bleach- Treachery

update: Just wanted to say I Finished it a few days ago .

old: I've been working on my arrangement of this piece and was wondering what you guys thought of it so far. From what I have gotten from listening to this piece like a quadrilion times, its basically a few measure just repeated over and over. So to try to make it more exciting I've tried to really diversify the left hand. What do you think?