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Arrangement of Shallow coming soon but I need help

I'm in the process of setting up my arrangement for Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's song shallow for string orchestra and piano. In fact I'm halfway done. But here's the thing.

I'm having trouble with coming up with a leading chord progression. I'm trying to have the song in G major transition to A major.
The transition starts with the chord pattern in the chorus in the original key in G major.
Am -> D (or D7) -> G -> D or (D7) -> Em
And then there's supposed to be a chord progression that leads to the chorus again but in A major.
Bm -> E (or E7) -> A -> E (or E7) -> F#m
And I just don't know what chord progression makes sense for me to change key signatures this way.

I'm open to input. Lemme know what ideas you have. Any of yall that are self-trained or had lessons in music theory, I could use some help from yall too.

More song templates available for Robert Franz "6 Gesänge, Op.6"

I am glad to tell you that all six of the Op.6 songs are now available as templates. If you would like to transcribe, please ask for allocation on the spreadsheet:

Je suis heureux de vous dire que les six chansons de l'op.6 sont maintenant disponibles en tant que modèles. Si vous souhaitez transcrire, veuillez demander l’allocation sur le tableur:

Weird shady users

(btw this doesn't include the "mainstream" spammers/trolls everyone knows about)
idk...was just thinking about it and thought it was funny :P
I kinda wanna share one that none of you know isn't any of the trolls that have caused drama on a large scale.

So I had this join request from a user with a username that looked a lot like that of one of those creepy users back in June 2018 who posted about death in base64 code. idk what it was exactly, but it looked something like B123H18 or something. They had an empty profile, but were in some groups I think (and moderation wasn't as strict then cause we weren't worried about people sneaking in). So I let him in after waiting quite a long time.
And the next day I came on to find a discussion from him that went "diarrhea poop poop diarrhea". Like, just that, and nothing else.
So I kicked him. And that was that xD