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Show date and user name of the latest post in discussion groups

In discussion groups like this one the info to the right of a thread shows the user who opened the thread, the date when the thread has been opened and the number of replies.
It would be VERY helpful, if additionally the date of the latest reply and the name of the user who posted the last reply were shown. This would avoid having to open the thread again and again if I want to see if there's something new.

Rules of Composing?

Hi guys, I'm kind of new to MuseScore.

I'm a self-taught pianist (I've only had, like, two piano lessons, and hated them). I play by ear, though I can read music a bit. I've been playing for about four years, since I was 10.

I love just writing tunes that sound nice for fun, but are there any "rules" to stick to when composing music?



I wrote this a while ago...  When I was riding the usual train back home last Friday (15/03/2019), there was a beggar who came to a small group of children and started to tell them his whole life story, (probably to) exploit their innocence and kindness, as to squeeze out whatever candy money the kids would have had inside their jackets. The situation made me rather irritated. Finally,the beggar walked away after he had managed to get out whatever pocket money the children had to offer. The melody came to me all of a sudden, then, the rhythmic shaking and turnings of the train seemed to me like a tango. So, that is what I decided to write.

Where is your family from?

Dad's side:
All from Eastern Europe (Russia, poland)
Most of his family died in WWII (Holocaust), but those who managed to escape emigrated to NYC

Mom's side:
Originally from Syria (not Muslim)
When Syrians started kicking out everyone who wasn't muslim they emigrated to Argentina
My mom's parents emigrated to NYC when argentina started kicking everyone out (my mom's first language was spanish) about you?

Music Challenge!

Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon: Everybuddy dropped last week! It's not the Mystery Dungeon most of us wanted for the Switch, but it's a start; let's make the most of it, why don't we?

CHALLENGE: Take a song from the Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon series. Make it PMD instead. You can make it a medley, a mashup, or a straight-laced arrangement; just let those creative juices flow! Post your submissions here!

I took the CMD2 song "Dungeons Discovered" and combined it with "Don't Ever Forget! / I Don't Want To Say Goodbye!" from PMD2 and the Title Menu theme from GTI. What do you guys think? (: