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Summer Competition!

Hey guys!! I might as well start our summer comp, so here it goes!


must be submitted by July 15th 

- 1 submission per person
- no longer than 10 minutes and no shorter than 1 minute
- must be ORIGINAL
- it can be for any type of ensemble you can think of from solo Piano to Saxophone,     Viola and Harp ;P

(I haven't decided on how I'll do the judging yet, but once completed, hopefully it won't take me long to get the results out :D)

now go make some music!!!! :D

How well do you know me?

 If you can't beat them, then join them. I'll update this post when someone guesses correctly and write who got it.

What is my: 
Age: 17 (Rebecca Yang)
Gender: Male (Rebecca Yang)
Nationality: Korean (Rebecca Yang)
Favorite composer:
Favorite non-classical musician:
Favorite food:
Favorite drink:
Favorite anime:
Primary instrument: Piano (Rebecca Yang)
Secondary instrument: Clarinet (Rebecca Yang)
Favorite MOBA:
Favorite FPS:
Favorite Non-MOBA & Non-FPS game:
Favorite Operating System:
Favorite piano concerto (1900s-2000s):
Favorite symphonies (3 of them, 1900s-1960s):

TWMC #1 - RESULTS! (To be updated soon)

Alright! Please forgive me for such late (and unfinished) results. We do not have a declared winner yet, but so far Kenobingondolin2019 is in the lead! Please stay updated on the results by checking the community page and let me know if any competitors are left out on the list below.
Thank you all so much for your patience.

Jackie Carson -

Pika007 -

IamAm -

KingChocolate - 95.3 pts.

Serena Michaels -

clarinetistdavid - 85.7 pts.

MusicRebel - 93.3 pts.

Kenobiingondolin2019 - 99.3 pts.

Robin Pannenberg - 89.7 pts.

jmoses - 95.7 pts.

sirman1234 - 92.3 pts.

Study Music Project 3: All-Nighter

This is one of my favorite albums from Dennis. From this album, we got my personal favorite "Crystal Rose," the amazing "Ever Eternity," and many others. 

I'm currently working on retypesetting my transcription of "Ever Eternity," which I originally wrote using quarter notes for the left hand (special thanks to @TNTErick for the suggestion). After I finish typesetting "Ever Eternity," I'm planning to work on "Reminiscence (Tea Version)" for a new style and challenge!

Help with Sax sound

Hi everyone! 

New to the alto sax and i have a quick question, when i go to play i have about one or two seconds of just air and then the sound comes out fine - is this caused by my breathing, embouchure or reed? I have no idea? I just want a clean sound to come out the moment I begin. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :)

Band moments

Hey guys, so I'm going on a cross-country road trip with my mom to visit family (I've actually been gone for a few days and am posting this from mobile) so I'll be pretty inactive for a few weeks. Of course now my brain starts coming up with some great musical ideas, but it's fine. Everything's fine :').

Anyways, in the mean time I figured I would ask those of you who are or have been in band what some of your favorite band memories are. I think my favorite was when we were on a late ride home from championships my freshman year at about 1:30am and we were all so tired we were basically drunk. My friend turned to my other friend and was like "you need to tell Freedom to be more apreciative enough" and we all just exploded with laughter and woke the bus up.

Also, I hope everyone's having a great start to their summer!

Google Translate Discussion

Why don't we make this discussion a place where if you want to say something, you put it through Google translate first (to a few other languages and then back to English)

Malinda Kathleen Reese does this with song lyrics on YouTube and it's pretty funny.  I just recently translated a sentence for 30 minutes and got something about M&M's and alarms and applications.

Perfect by Ed Sheeran! :D

I hadn't seen any arrangements around of it, so I arranged one of my favorite recent songs, Perfect, by Ed Sheeran. :) I arranged it for TTBB a cappella (a cappella is my favorite!), but I've never arranged for an all-men's group/choir before, so if you have any feedback or critiques, I would really appreciate it! Thank you guys!



I'm stuck with a snotty kid that happens to be a piano prodigy. His fam is rich and we are stuck road tripping with them. I don't like to be compared to others by my fam, but it always happens. Every performance we go to, I'm stuck listening to my parents' comments about how I need to be like the others at the studio: a prodigy destined for greatness. I tried to tell my mom, but she just brushed it off and defended herself and my father. Also, I didn't even want to go on this road trip. I wasn't even asked! So, PLEASE help and give advice so I can make it thru the trip...