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latin percussion sounds download, retune percussion

Hi, Im trying to make latin music with musescore, mostly afro-cuban. I need more percussion sounds: conga muffle, open slap, bass. For the bongo the standard hi bongo is muffled, low bongo is open. I need the opposite too: high bongo open and low bongo muffled. Can I download these sounds somewhere? Otherwise it would also help me tremendously if I could retune the available sounds. Is that possible?

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Anything awesome happen today?

I had an awesome moment.

So, it’s been crazy hot lately. And because we used our AC too much, it froze up, and now like does nothing. So since that doesn’t work, we’ve just been hot. My downstairs has been around 85 degrees, and my upstairs has been around 95-100 degrees depending on the day.

So yeah. Oh, it’s also humid. Like, really humid for my area. So that’s just the icing on the cake. :P

Either way, I’ve been feeling all bleh, and it’s been awful lol. But earlier, it started to rain. And then all of the sudden, it started to rain HARD which never happens here. So I was so happy about that. I literally saw the rain come down, took my shirt off, and went outside. Boy did it feel great.

So! Anything awesome that happened to you?