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Vent group!

I created a group for people to come and vent about what they are having problems with in their life and for other people to reach out and give advice. We all got stuff to vent about and it's nice to hear from other people who might be going through the same thing, hearing from them what helped. You never know if something you've struggled with at one time, another person might be struggling with right now. I would love it if you joined! 😊

Favorite Flash Game?

Since flash is shutting down next year, why don't we say our favorite Flash games as a sort of memorial? 

For those that don't know, a Flash game is basically any free online game you can play in a browser. Most can be found on portals such as Newgrounds, Miniclip, CoolMathGames, or Google Sites. .io games are NOT Flash games.

My favorites are Strike Force Heroes and literally any Paparia game (Papa's Cheesaria, Papa's Scooperia, ect.)

Rules (IMPORTANT) Part 2 Because These Are Too Long for One Discussion

7. Everyone is subject to these rules. Even this power-abusing admin is subject to these rules. Going against them will have repercussions. Your fic will be removed. If you're rule-breaking seemingly on purpose, I know how to get creative with troublemakers, but essentially, 1 strike is a warning, two is a more important warning and three is termination of membership.

8. All fandoms are tolerated.

9. No flaming in the comments. No flaming in the discussions either. Do not hate on other fandoms expressly.

10. For feedback and critique, negative feedback is important, but don't be completely brutal to the point of upsetting others. Constructive criticism is excellent, but everyone hates being hated on. Try to say what needs working on, but also be nice about it.

11. If something will contain spoilers for something, DO warn us beforehand.

12. Nothing under 500 words. No limit otherwise, but no walls of text.

Or, the short version of everything above: be nice, don't spam, write well, use spellcheck, put in effort and keep it appropriate for 12+.

If you aren't sure about anything, contact me, Seventetails Alolan Form/Pulsing Utopia.

As for rules about writing next to scores, same thing, but no chaptered fics, keep it short-ish (4000 words max) and explain beforehand.

Now, everyone, let's write! :D