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Mixing Contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deadline- August 1st 12:00 P.M. US East Coast Time
Prize- Bragging rights and your name at the top of the group and on the song, as well as your audio being used as the default source on the score!
Object- To mix the song "A Moments Peace" that is linked at the bottom of this conversation in an effort to make it more realistic and dramatic.
Judging- The finished project will be judged by me, based on the following point scale.....

                         100 Point Scale                        

50 points- 
Make the instruments sound as realistic as possible, for this I recommend layering or using different samples or sound fonts on top of each other so there is some depth to the sound. (Hint- There will be special attention payed to the strings and harp)
30 points- 
Crescendos, Dynamics, and Effects:
These points are for following the dynamics and markings on the score, while making them more dramatic. Effects such as reverb can be used, although points will not be taken away for lack of these effects, they might just "spice up" your piece enough to propel it to the top!
20 points-
The last twenty points are for faithfulness to the original score, which means that these are pretty much a given unless you made any large instrument changes, or decided to re-write and mix the song as "Don't Stop Believing" instead.....
Although, if by chance, you want to make a change to something like dynamics or instrumentation, please ask because I might just like the idea!!!!

This is a no pressure competition, which I will be judging very leniently. So, take your time, relax, be creative, and remember that if you have any questions about how I might want the piece to sound please ask!!!!!!!!

The score link is here-


Pravilda, ačkoliv jsou už jedna v popisku, chci je mít schrnutá i tady, ať sem můžu v rámci odpovědi ta pravidla přidávat.
1. Chováme se tu slušně
2. Nemluvíme tady kurva sprostě
3. Moderátor či já máme během rozhodovaní o porušení pravidla vždy pravdu
4. Opakovamý spam se trestá trestem nejvyšším - permanentním vyloučením ze skupiny. To samé platí pokud se zde nebudete chovat slušně, protizákoně (pokud se zde budete chovat proti zákoně, budeme informovat přímo apod.
5. Mějme tu k sobě úctu. Administrátoři ani moderátoři (vlastně kdokoliv) se tu nebude na nikoho povyšovat. Tímto se ale nevylučuje bod číslo 3, protože pořádek musí být.
6. Všichni zde mají možnost slušně a v souladu se zákonem vyjádřit svůj názor a nikdo nikomu nesmí za něčí názor nadávat, nesouhlasit samozřejmě může, jsme demokratická země.
7. Pravidla se můžou kdykoliv změnit, přidat nebo ubrat. Vy si prosím vždy zkontrolujte, jestli se něco nezměnilo.
Děkuji a doufam že se brzy zrostem.

TWMC #1 - RESULTS! (To be updated soon)

Alright! Please forgive me for such late (and unfinished) results. We do not have a declared winner yet, but so far Kenobingondolin2019 is in the lead! Please stay updated on the results by checking the community page and let me know if any competitors are left out on the list below.
Thank you all so much for your patience.

Jackie Carson -

IamAm -

KingChocolate - 95.3 pts.

Serena Michaels -

clarinetistdavid - 85.7 pts.

MusicRebel - 93.3 pts.

Kenobiingondolin2019 - 99.3 pts.

Robin Pannenberg - 89.7 pts.

jmoses - 95.7 pts.

sirman1234 - 92.3 pts.

Where is everyone?????

I joined musescore a while back and everything was booming. Tons of people posting on groups and so on. 
Now all of a sudden, everything just stopped.....
I look up past people I knew, and they're gone. Their pages aren't showing up, and if they do, their scores are missing. I've only been gone a couple of months.
Does anyone know what's going on?