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Grace notes as chords when applied to notes in a chord - how?

How can you add a grace note to each note in a chord and make them share their stem? For example, if you have a simple chord such as CE (do-mi) in a single voice, you can select it and add a grace note, but the grace notes appear sequentially (i.e. as C followed by E), not as a chord CE. The same happens if you add a grace note to each note of the chord individually. Is there a way to make them share their stem so they also appear as chords?

Where is the help?

Have just joined this group, browsed first 7 pages and none of the questions have any responses. So where does a person find answers? Am I missing something? I am off to another site now that deals with improving MS3. I find it much less convenient than MS2 and dont want to have to use it. So there. Good luck all...

Existing and Newly-uploaded original-compositions now locked into 'Unlisted' category ...

I appreciate the current rule-changes made necessary by copyright and licensing issues. However I do *not* understand why since yesterday, just one of my five existing, completely original-work pieces, uploaded as 'All Rights Reserved' (to myself), has now been made "Unlisted"; nor why a sixth piece uploaded just now in the usual way (via 'Save Online') has also become 'locked' immovably into the Unlisted category? The 'make score public' menu option on Score Manager appears to respond - but there is no actual change of status. And the two affected scores don't even show in my Profile Page as-viewed privately by me, when logged-on!  
Please - Staff or fellow MuseScorers - what do I need to do these days to make (and to keep) straightforwardly *original* work lawfully 'public' on this site ?
EDIT, Aug 30: @DmitriyPopov - Thank you for responding! - today I found that an edited version of yesterday's upload (now with a footnote added to the score) did upload correctly to 'Public' status. However my older, formerly public score (5653474) is still 'stuck' as 'Unlisted' - I'd be most grateful if this could be restored to view again, please ... 

despising Musecore 3

There are days when I absolutely hate Musescore 3. Sure, it is nice that things get automatically spaced in the score so nothing overlaps, so wow gee wiz, uh, isn't that just how it should be? What I hate is that they seem to have gone out of their way to make things more difficult compared with Musescore 2. They seem to have randomly changed things that didn't need changing just to make it frustrating for the use. It used to be easy to change the volume of a single note or chord in a score. But now, once I finally figure out how to do it, Musescore manages to hide it from me so then I have to start all over trying to find out how to do it again. Why!!!? It used to be easy to see the note in inspector and then modify the volume, but now, where the blazing biscuits is it?? And why is it impossible to find in the manual? Ultimately, there is no advantage to Musescore 3 other than the spacing thing. So, I should do everything in Musescore 2 and then when it is ready to be put online, open it with Musescore 3. Just be sure to give it a different name because once you open it in Musescore 3, they won't let you go back to Musescore 2. Oh, no. Why would they make it **&&**& easy?!!!!! And I paid good money for this kind of frustration????????!

interested in new soundfonts and soundeffects in your music ?

Consider joining
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Banana contest 1

Write a song about a lonely tarantula that lives in a banana bunch.
The grand price is a vierual bunch of ripe bananas. Now, for a limited time, as a added amazing bonus, a free virtual tarantula. No, I'm lying. Must be the toxin from the tarantula bite that's affecting me. Dizzy dizzy it's all going dark.

Please change your update process

 I have an ASUS K01B running running Android 5.0.2 (the latest version offered).  I have commented on the app before, sometimes positively, sometimes with problems. At the moment nearly every new update has problems. The current version, 2.4.10, if I am right, crashes immediately after switching to the page view mode and then choosing playback. Many previous versions were about as unstable, with sometimes a positive exception.
As I would like to be able to use the app and rely on it to work, this situation is really annoying. I should like to go back to a version that works for me and keep that, rather than having some ill-tested update replace it every week. Good SW-engineering practice will e.g. provide alpha and beta versions.
Sorry, I really used to like MuseScore (esp. the old "Songbook" app) and have been using it a lot, but I now have the feeling I will have to find another solution.

Guitar Tabs: frame around each number? Also zooming doesn't work.


I have just installed the app and was very hopeful to make this my standard practising aid, but I have right away encountered two serious issues.

1. When displaying guitar tabs, every number is enclosed by a frame, which (a) does not look like it does on the PC version of MuseScore and (b) is _really_ hard to read. Please, make it look like it does on the paper and remove that frame, this is otherwise not useful for practising at all :-/

2. Zooming the score does not work at all. I can hit that "+", it will indicate that it reloads the score, but looks exactly the same afterwards. Same happens when I want to zoom out by hitting "-". On top of that, every few times I try it, the app crashes. It should not be witchcraft to get this fixed ;)

Apart from that, I expected to be able to choose the audio source like I can on the online player - I wanted to listen to the song that I have synchronised with the score. Why offer this option when it does not work on the app? That is "just" a feature request, though.

And holy smokes, does this app crash often. Opening scores, changing views, literally any button occasionally causes a crash. Under these circumstances I will definitely end my Pro trial before it ends.

My setup: Samsung Galaxy Tab A T280, MuseScore App version 2.4.11, Android version 5.1.1