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Testimonials anybody?

I was wondering if anybody in this group would like to share their testimony. :)
Everybody has a story, even if you don't think yours is that exciting. I didn't think mine was that great until it hit me one day that it doesn't matter how exciting it sounds. It's really about the huge change it made in my life that's what mattered.


Ok, peeps, hello! Hope you all have been having a great start of the week and school has been going well for all y'all. I have thought of a challenge that is a week long that we could do starting NEXT Sunday (10/13/19) to Saturday (10/19/19)

Basically what it is is we will make up one challenge for each day of the week of ways that we can live out our faith. For example, say Monday we challenge each other to if you happen to go out in public you tell one random person that God loves them and ask if you can pray for them. Or on Wednesday say you go share your testimony with someone in your youth group or at your church. Just ideas.

We'll post what happened each day in the discussion I'll make next Sunday to encourage each other cuz the stuff we come up with to do may not be easy. It will be a chance to grow your faith when you are shown opportunities to share with others. But I will tell you from experience God might tell you to talk to someone who is the last person you'd expect to be called to talk to. But He will never call you to do something He knows you can't do so have faith and be courageous! It can be fun. 😄

If this is something you'd like to do let me know please and PM me if you have ideas! I'll go through them and post 7 for next week that we'll do together.

Finally! [Where are you at in BotW?]

I have finally found the last Korok seed! Making it 900!

I have 900 seeds
120 shrines 
All DLC shrines
All DLCs 
28 heart ccontainers
full stamina vessel 
over 122,000 rupees
All Molduga's defeated
All Hinox's Defeated
All Stone Talus's Defeated
All rare horses 
And All Locations!

Whew! Finally! And the best part?

I get to do it all again in Master Mode lol! 

Where are you at in Breath Of The Wild? :D

The world of RP.

There is a volcano in the middle,
The sea biome is in the west,
The snow biome is in the east,
The forest biome is in the northwest,
Seasons change like so in the real world ( the American seasons )
Hunting shop is in the forest biome,
Fishing bait shop and tackle is in the sea biome,
Dusk's place:

( Need more places on the map, will be looking over the RP to keep it safe and to see new RP places )