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Let's just start... with Season 1!

Okie- I'll do a test run. So this is how it's gonna work:

Obviously, I have to do more than 1 song, because what's the fun in ONLY one song? So, I made a score with the extract on it, and I will update it regularly, so at the end of the 'season', there will be x number of extracts. You have until the end of the season to guess all of the songs, so you can join in halfway. I will let you know when the end of the season is. You submit responses through PM. 

I have done something like this before, so I will try to make entirely new songs. 
Side note: I know Nintendo has reused some music in different games (e.g. Boom Boom in SMB3 and NSMBWU). You can name either of them.

PM here:

I trust you not to cheat (by looking any songs up) because that'll ruin the game, but you're very trustworthy anyway.

If my bad English doesn't make sense, just ask me about it. :P


Thanks to all the new members for joining our banana party. There seem to be quite a few 'banana' composers here at musescore, whether ithe music is about the fruit banana or banana fish or banana fairies or whatever or if the music is just plain banana silly. Post your music, tell your friends. I even heard that some higher up in the government was thinking of joining since they have lots of experience in being completely bananas.


note some important birthdays coming up. Send some flowers or candy.

June is a big birthday month!
June 6 Aram Khachaturian
June 8 Robert Schumann
June 9 Cole Porter, James Newton Howard
June 12 Richard Strauss
June 15 Edvard Grieg
June 17 Igor Stravinsky
june 18 Richard Rodgers
June 20 Jacques Offenbach
June 21 Lalo Schifrin
June 29 Bernard Hermann