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Country Music?

Do any of y'all like country music? If so, who are your favorite country musicians? Favorite song(s)?

Personally, I like George Strait, Johnny Cash, John Denver. For the most part, I prefer the music of the '80s, so I also like Keith Whitley, George Jones, Hank Jr., Alan Jackson, and so on.

All Hail the MS Royalty

Your faithful King mnmwert
His trusty co-ruler and Queen Lizzapie
Their Princess Keno
and Prince Bopple
Baron Jaybird
Duke Astronix2
Duchess PianoDudette
General of the army and generally feared Rebecca Y
And Her battle Strategist CalebKum
Our chief of the spies and hacker extraordinaire zombie pigdragon
Our court Jester Mr_MusicGuy
Secretary Jaybird
Resident Genius & Ambassador of Science Peabody
Resident Genius Assistant Sherman
The bunny Fairy lareinedeslapins
Head of Parliament - Half Step
Undersecretary of Foreign Relations - Lacy Watson
Assistant head of Parliament - CrazyClique
First Tiger I am violaperson ruler of violas and rhinos
Second Tiger anderror000

Head of Personal Relations - lucillebluth.
One who eats toothpaste - I eat toothpaste
Cowboy - Aqueous Humourati
Royal Musician - Non but the tasty breakfast tarts
We all fight against the 'semi' but not really evil mollymawk who rules MS in tyranny giving everyone hugs wherever they go! Some people don't want hugs and we need to respect there choices!

(lemme know where you all are and I'll update the list. positions are based on place in top users section).

We all fight a war against mollymawk (and that new no 2 guy) for rulership over the MS kingdom!

Stand with me lads!

Rondo giocoso for violin and orchestra

This is a very Paganini-inspired piece which I wrote, learned and eventually performed as my senior solo at my last high school orchestra concert. I used many Paganini-esque idioms like a B theme in parallel tenths and a lyrical middle section with extensive use of harmonics. But I also injected some Tchaikovsky at the end to deliver maximum energy!

Use the custom audio (don't have Pro yet so I can't set it as the default).

I wrote my own "senior solo" for my last orchestra concert

I'm still really proud of myself for having pulled this off. I composed, learned and then performed an original composition as my HS senior solo! I was heavily inspired by Paganini and so endeavored to make my part as difficult as possible. I copied a lot of Paganini-esque idioms like a B theme in parallel tenths, and a lyrical middle section with extensive harmonics use. But I took my inspiration for the coda from Tchaikovsky to get maximum energy at the very end!

When listening, use the custom audio. (Don't have Pro yet so I can't set it as the default.)

Noten: Korrekturen und Updates

Hier gibt es jeweils eine kurze Notiz, wenn neue Noten hochgeladen sind, oder es Korrekturen/Updates zu den bestehenden Noten gibt.

Noch ein Hinweis:
Alle Noten haben in der Fusszeile eine Versionsnummer (z.B. V3.2) und ein Datum. Wenn ihr also prüfen wollt, ob ihr die letzte Version mit allen Korrekturen lokal gespeichert habt, dann könnt ihr eure Versionsnummer mit der hier auf dem Online Portal vergleichen.