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Bug: Instrument tracks still misidentifed in online synthesizer

I am creating a new post on this matter.
I am still not able to properly solo percussion instruments in the online mixer as some of the are being misidentified as piano parts. That's when the synthesizer is enabled some of the percussion instruments are being misplayed as piano and strings. The score was created in MS 3.1. It is very important that my students be able to solo individual percussion parts to help with learning them. Will this be fixed in the near future?

Anyone know Radiohead’s Ok Computer?

It’s said to be one of the greatest albums ever. Especially for it’s time.
I personally love it and every song in it. If you listen to it, make sure to listen to it in order.

It’s a really cool album. My favorites are probably Paranoid Android, Let Down, The Tourist, Airbag, Electioneering, and every other song on that album.

It’s Alternative btw. Still an amazing Alt Rock album. I highly recommend it.

Departing from MuseScore

Hey guys! Trolol here. It's been awhile. Not sure how many of the older guys from, say 2011-2015 are still on here (I've seen TPenguinLTG still posting somewhat), but I'm glad to see this place is still goin even after Mae's departure. :)

Unfortunately it is time to make my departure from this site as well. I have moved on to bigger and busier life in the music world. All my scores have been removed cuz I'll be getting rid of my pro subscription soon, but fortunately I will be compiling all my finished original work in one big score as a kind of playlist.

I want to say Thank You, to the MuseScore community, not just ya'll in this group, but as a whole. When I originally started on this site as a 13 year old (Goin on to 20!) I never could have expected such an experience. The community as a whole was very supportive of young musicians and aspiring composers. As a youngster back then, there was a lot I learned on here by conversing with fellow composers and my age on here, as well as the older, more seasoned musicians who were always willing to offer critiques and advice to my music.

I have had a blast on here getting to know all the high schooler composers from back then. I remember always being hyped for the next piece from most of the guys/gals I made friends with on here. The All-That-Is-Fantasy Discussion kept me coming back DAILY to this group; it was so much fun. Collaborating with Aaron David, Tony McCahill, Sean Greenley, and ..V.. were some of the greatest experiences I've had as a young composer.

[V, aka Evan, unfortunately passed away almost a year ago, losing his battle with chronic depression. I didn't find out till a few months ago since he disappeared in the spring of last year and I heard nothing since. He was probably the closest online friend I had on here, and will be deeply missed. :( ]

Again, I do plan on compiling all my finished, original works that I had on here in a big score kinda thing similar to Mollymawk did, as kind of an archive for my older music. Might take some time cuz I'm busy with other musical things. I also intend on making an official website for my music, since over the years things I got super disorganized on here and elsewhere xD

I'll be back soon enough with my archive. But again, thank you everyone for the great times on here. I'm glad that I was able to partake in it, and I'm honored and humbled that I made an impact with my music for some of you. And for the newer guys and gals; sorry I havent been able to get to know yall, but I do encourage thatyou continue to kick it here! It's a great community, and while it was wayyy more active on here 5 years ago or so, you can still have a good time, hear and post some awesome music and make some lasting connections.

Thanks everyone!

(aka trolol3000)

Please Halp!!!

So here's the situation. I finally finished my 250 follower special, and it's pretty darn good. However, here lies the rub, I'm stuck at 246 followers, and I can't upload it until I get 4 more followers. :'{ If I could just ask for 4 more followers, that would be great. No, this is not just a cheap way to get more followers, I just really wanna upload this thing. Please, 4 more followers, I don't care who you are, just 4 more followers.

How to solve AOL Mail stopped working?

in Piano

From network error to browser issues, there could be a number of reasons why AOL stopped working on your computer. However, regardless of the cause, here are some basic troubleshooting steps you can use to resolve the error and access your AOL Mail account:
· Update your internet browser before you access AOL
· Disable the pop-up blocker so that it does to disrupt AOL Mail
· Edit the firewall and antivirus settings to whitelist AOL
· Before you sign in to AOL you should clear the cache and delete the cookies from your browser
If the AOL Mail still does not open, even after implementing the steps mentioned above, you can call the AOL email support number and ask for additional help.

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