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Using grace notes with swing?

I'm transcribing a piece for jazz trio, but I have run across a slight problem. The piece is in swing time, with a 67% eighth note ratio. If I add an acciaccatura (or any other grace note that comes before the beat, as far as I can tell) onto an off-beat note, the grace note is played far too early. It's almost as if it's playing a grace note for the straight eighth, rather than the swing eighth. The grace note works fine if it's on the on-beat. Can anyone give me some advice for how to fix this?

Rondo giocoso for violin and orchestra

This is a very Paganini-inspired piece which I wrote, learned and eventually performed as my senior solo at my last high school orchestra concert. I used many Paganini-esque idioms like a B theme in parallel tenths and a lyrical middle section with extensive use of harmonics. But I also injected some Tchaikovsky at the end to deliver maximum energy!

Use the custom audio (don't have Pro yet so I can't set it as the default).

I wrote my own "senior solo" for my last orchestra concert

I'm still really proud of myself for having pulled this off. I composed, learned and then performed an original composition as my HS senior solo! I was heavily inspired by Paganini and so endeavored to make my part as difficult as possible. I copied a lot of Paganini-esque idioms like a B theme in parallel tenths, and a lyrical middle section with extensive harmonics use. But I took my inspiration for the coda from Tchaikovsky to get maximum energy at the very end!

When listening, use the custom audio. (Don't have Pro yet so I can't set it as the default.)

Noten: Korrekturen und Updates

Hier gibt es jeweils eine kurze Notiz, wenn neue Noten hochgeladen sind, oder es Korrekturen/Updates zu den bestehenden Noten gibt.

Noch ein Hinweis:
Alle Noten haben in der Fusszeile eine Versionsnummer (z.B. V3.2) und ein Datum. Wenn ihr also prüfen wollt, ob ihr die letzte Version mit allen Korrekturen lokal gespeichert habt, dann könnt ihr eure Versionsnummer mit der hier auf dem Online Portal vergleichen.    

More song templates available for Robert Franz "6 Gesänge, Op.6"

I am glad to tell you that all six of the Op.6 songs are now available as templates. If you would like to transcribe, please ask for allocation on the spreadsheet.

Je suis heureux de vous dire que les six chansons de l'op.6 sont maintenant disponibles en tant que modèles. Si vous souhaitez transcrire, veuillez demander l’allocation sur la feuille de calcul.