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My Summer Challange: 10 compositions

As stated in the title, the best way to improve your composing skills is to compose (cliché but very true). Therefore, I will embark on a journey of trying to compose a minimum of 10 compositions over summer break. I want you guys to spread the word and join me! Perhaps, this can not only be a chance to learn, but, also meet new people. 

The rules are as follows: 
You can comment down below featuring your new piece and give a short description of it if you like (e.g. inspiration, the style and question about something you may be unsure about). 
You can post up to 5 scores per comment, but, let's be nice to everyone, by not spamming the comments in order to get views. 

A suggested format would be: 
The number of the piece
piece title - url
short description

composition #1
''So you want to write a fugue?'' -
A satirical piece...

It is okay if a piece turns out bad or short, the point is that you just do it and have fun along the way. 


bro how long does it take to make an album?
i swear it's gonna be 2 or 3 years for me.
i'm really slow at getting ideas for songs.
usually i start with chords (jazz chords, to be specific) 
that's easy enough.
but i suck at melodys dude. like really suck. i'll spend a week just coming up with a verse and chorus.
and i thought i would be done with my album this summer.
i'm only done with 3 songs lol.
my point is don't announce stuff until you're basically done with it. and if you do jump the gun DO NOT rush whatever you're making to get it out by whenever you initially planned to release it.

Metal on Violin

I really like heavy metal, but the problem is that theres little to no sheet music for Violin of some heavy metal songs. I especially like Iron Man by Black Sabbath, and in honor of the events that happened in Endgame, I myself made Violin solo sheet music for Iron Man, heres a link:
Please leave a like if you enjoy it :D. If you have any suggestions as to what i should try to do next, please leave a reply :)