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CCC#1 - "The Watzmann" RESULTS! and CCC#2!


I am very sorry for the *ahem* 2 week delay. I've been very busy with school and things, so it's been hard to find the time to judge the pieces. But I've done it now, finally!

We've had some fantastic compositions, ranging from full orchestral to guitar-and-vocals pieces. All have been unique and brilliant in their own way, and it's been a real pleasure listening to all of them.

So, the winner will be announced below, and also in RSA, and you can read the feedback on your own piece in the google docs file. There are also a few winners for different categories, so check to see if your name is there.

THE WINNER IS: @David Dinh - "The Watzmann"
Wow. Just wow. Sounds very much like something from a movie. Beautifully orchestrated, with some fantastic writing for the string section especially. The melody beginning bar 26 is lovely, and harmonically, the piece is fantastic. Also the cannon in bars 46-57 is really nice.

Winner Categories:

Most Original/Interesting take on the task:
@lilianialoy - "Spirit of the Watzmann"

Best Orchestration:
@David Dinh - "The Watzmann"

Most Epic Piece:
VegetarianCarrot - "Mount Voir"

Link to feedback sheet:


So given the success of this competition, I think it makes sense to do another one. However, I want you opinion on a few things before I announce it officially. If you could please take the time to fill in this quick questionnaire, I would really appreciate it.

Transcription of "Memories of Green" from the Chrono Trigger original sound track; I need help!

Transcription is here:

I am quite sure that this transcription is correct, "note wise"; however, several things are missing:

* there is a tremolo effect on the flute which I do not want (I don't know how this can be removed, if possible at all);
* I cannot emulate the fade out of sustained notes on either the flute part or the strings part, but then note that I am using 3.0.5, it is supposedly fixed in 3.1.x which I haven't tried yet;
* the reverb effect on the piano part is missing as well. And again, I don't know how to do it or, in fact, whether it is possible at all.

Comments welcome! I love this piece, and personally I think it is ripe for an orchestral transcription transitioning to the main theme with just a half tone adjustment...

Hi There!

Hello! I'm new to this group and musescore in general, I have only been using its software for a few months. I'd really appreciate some feedback and constructive criticism on my new Undertale Concert band Medley thing, which I want to make playable for all bands, middle school or high school, even other bands! I look forward to working in this group.

Here is the link.

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CCC#1 - "The Watzmann" - Update (1 week extension)

So a couple of people have asked for an extension for the first competition, and as we've only had a few of entries, I've decided to give you 1 week to complete your compositions. The one's we've had so far have been excellent, so keep 'em coming!

You now have until Saturday 25th May to complete your compositions. This is an extra 6 days, so be grateful. ;D

I will announce the winners on either Saturday on Sunday, depending on how long it takes me to mark them all. Well done to everyone who's entered so far!