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Revolution 2?

So hear me out

Last summer was a golden age in RSA's history. Bountiful Poetry, Art, and Music was created during this peaceful period. It was beautiful, it really was, and I feel that it tragically came to an end during the first few school months. Then the Dark Age came: nothing much happened, "Musix Fox" was the biggest controversy, and everyone said they were waiting for something interesting. So, I wished it would become a Second Golden Age this summer. So here I am, watching RSA become pretty much a spam/crappost (gotta keep it PG) server, almost as content-less as the Discord Server.
For real though, we used to have about 5 or so discussions per day at most, with only like 2 being heavily commented on. It wasn't nearly as active, but it was usually people talking and communicating about their lives, or making jokes, or whatever i dont remember. Now I feel a whole bunch of peeps in this group are making silly little discussions of "lyric games" or whatever. Well, I say we have cool stuff once again.
So what do we do? Well, of course, we are gonna overthrow Rebecca Y. and implement a new communist regime with Rebecca Y. at its center. To do this, however, we will need to have a REVOLUTION 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO.
so who's on the train?

What do you look like right now????

you don't have to put a pic and you don't have to say anything at all if you don't want to, but how would you describe the way you look and your clothing at the moment?

I have long brown hair that is kinda messy 'cause I forgot to brush it this morning.
My eyes are also brown, but more hazel-y. I'm not wearing any makeup since I'm at home so my face looks like a zombie's. =P
I'm pretty tall, 5'5. 
Right now I am wearing bootcut jeans with weird rhinestone thingy's on the pockets, and a turquoise shirt with sleeves that go to my elbows that says 'Beach Patrol, Manhattan Beach California' on it, with a medical cross in the center... (no i don't live in CA).
I'm not wearing shoes, but by some miracle I'm wearing matching socks, that are grey and blue...
well that sums me up at the moment.

Deleting a slur/tie in a score


I am working on a score. There is a slur/tie I have to delete, but nothing happen when I click on it. It does not become blue. Tried everything. I was stretching measures to fit over few pages. So the position of notes and measures shifted, but everything on a place, beside one slur. It stack on the page and cannot be moved or highlighted etc. at all. Anyone ever has had this problem? How to solve it?