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~ Magic Trick ~

- Think of a number between 5 and 10. For this to work i will need at least 10 answers, and please just one reply per person because multiple Numbers from the same Person messes things up

- i guess check back every now and again because i will reveal the Magic Trick once the appropriate amount of Numbers has been Reached ( If i am awake for it )

- See you then maybe

Guys, this group is going places :D

It's been several DAYS since we crossed 60 members........

About a month after I made this group, it had like 10 members and was pretty much we've crossed 100. Like DANG.
Gotta thank mnmwert and kenobiingondolin for all their math spam :P ensured that at least half the discussions on the first page of the "community" section were from this group xD. Now this group's active as heck xD ...kinda hard to imagine I made it lol. I wouldn't be surprised to wake up tomorrow with 100 replies on this thing :P

Actually...comment'd you find the group? Please don't spam...just so I can see all your answers in one place :P
a) the "community section"
b) my profile page or one of my scores
c) someone else's profile page or score
d) the group directory
e) Cl4rin3t or I invited you
f) other

Competition for Non-Pro Users!

Hey guys,

Last year I did a competition for non-pro users in which the winner received a pro account for a month as well as a few other things.
I am starting up the competition again! 
So if you are a non-pro user that would like a pro account, please head to this link:
There will be a discussion (the only one in the group) that will tell you what you need to do in order to enter. 
If you won in the previous competition, you will not be allowed to enter into the competition again. If you previously entered but didn't win you are more than welcome to go again this year!

Hope to see some submissions soon!!