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Regular School's Out For Me And My Friend

in Piano

Me and my friend Cameron are finna go to a military style school(in which we have to stay there for 5 months and/or an extra year) on Janurary 12th, but we are still in regular high school until then. So we wondering in Algebra 2 class right now, "What's the point of even trying to do our work when our grade wont even matter anymore?" We graudate out of the milatary school as sophmores after the 1st 5 months we did it! So we dont even have 2 go back 2 high school!

My First Composition in Piano Composition....

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Piano and Oboe duet for Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

in Piano

My friend and I would like to do a duet together on this song, but I haven't found any pieces that are just Oboe and Piano, I know it's kind of a weird combo, but if anyone can make one or knows of one that'd be great! I was going to make my own, but I figured if there was someone out there who's already done it or knows how and is willing to, they could do a better job than me, so please let me know!

Timbre for con sordino F horn?

in Brass

Hi!  I seem to recall there used to be a way to specify/choose various muted brass timbres, but I'm having trouble relocating that info: am I misremembering?  (My present need is for an F-horn "con sordino," but I'd appreciate the general knowledge of either how to or where to find such timbre mods.)  Thanks!