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Need help finding solo piece for Flute!

Hey all! I'm going to audition for my local junior orchestra in the fall, and need some advice... here are the requirements:

  • A solo or piece of your choosing that fully demonstrates your finest playing, such as a piece you are working on in lessons or a piece you performed with your school
  • A classical concerto for your instrument of your choice
  • Major scales and arpeggios up to four flats and sharps
  • Melodic minor scales and arpeggios up to four sharps and flats
  • Sight-reading

I have the last four down, I just need help finding a solo piece. If any of you have any suggestions, i'm in need!


Zum Beispiel hatte ich die Hochzeit eines Freundes im Sommer 2008

1. Eine Methode, die ich immer beschäftigen wird faßt mein Tagebuch und Kenntnis nehmend von meinem bevorstehende Veranstaltungen. Zum Beispiel hatte ich die Hochzeit eines Freundes im Sommer 2008 so suchte ich nach Schnäppchen Kleider im Verkauf 2007. Fast alle meine Freunde waren um Rauschen in der letzten Minute der Jagd für ein Kleid und die meisten am Ende Beschuss aus ein Vermögen. Formale Kleider müssen nicht drastische Trendänderungen wie Party Kleider, so dass niemand wusste, ich war ', so der vergangenen Saison! Mit dem Einkauf früh, es bedeutete auch, ich war nicht die gleichen Möglichkeiten wie die anderen Hochzeitsgäste beschränkt.

2. Wenn Sie für Ihren großen Tag der Hochzeit einkaufen, mit einem lächerlich teuer Brautkleid macht es nicht mehr besondere oder machen Sie besser aussehen 
schöne abiballkleider
, es tut einfach weh Ihre Taschen! Wer fragt, wie viel Ihr Kleid war - niemand wird wissen, was fantastisch günstigen Preis bezahlt.

Getting very young children interested in music

I think that the new "piano Roll" to keyboard software is fantastic and I would like to know how this could be used to bring keyboard skills to very young children and how to present this as a computer game using very simple songs and progressing both in speed and complexity. This could then be possibly transferred to music notation? Is this type of learning available to inspire our very young people? I wish that I had this opportunity when I was young

Help needed from flutists/flautists(?)

Hi, I was wondering, are there any flute players that have Mark Karen’s ‘The Flute Etudes’ book? I’m trying to help out a friend after hearing that the flute etudes used by TMEA are among some of the hardest. I know that most of them that were selected by the author are in public domain, but I don’t know which ones. If you could tell me which etudes are used in the book, that’d be greatly appreciated.

Infamous 16th note Passages & Band Excerpts

I wanna know some lists of pieces that you all have played during your time in Band in School, and What are some pieces that you all have played with some of the most Infamous straight 16th note runs that last for more than 16 Bars in the Woodwind Parts in Band Pieces? I have one to start it off and it's Metroplex by Robert Sheldon, has anyone ever played this piece or anything just as bad like it?