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How to install and setup a Dell Printer?

in Piano

When you get your new printer, you should check the box to see if you have the Dell software CD. When you find the CD, you can follow the steps given below to install the printer driver and set up your Dell printer: 

· Switch on your Dell printer and insert the CD into the disc drive.
· Click ‘Accept’ when the License Agreement opens and continue.
· Follow the instructions to download the Dell printer drivers.
· Configure your Dell printer and align the printer cartridges.

If you have any difficulty setting up your printer, you can call the Dell technical support number and consult a professional printer technician to resolve the issue and complete the setup process.

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Just some questions about views...

in Piano

Hi everyone! Nothing special here, I just want to ask...

How does the 'view counting' system in MuseScore work? Does it count as 1 view by just clicking into one piece, and not listening to the whole piece? Or, does it count by 1 view if only you listen to the whole piece?

(Lol, I'm just curious XD)
(Just ignore this if you've seen this post in other groups :D)