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MuseScore Composers

972 discussions • 13.5K scores • 3.5K members

This group is designed to be as fluid as possible and fill the purposes of anyone who is looking for an audience.
Please remember to indicate whether or not critique is welcome and what sort of feedback you are wanting on your pieces (such as if you would like feedback for a particular section).

Young Composers Group

560 discussions • 7.2K scores • 3K members

We can learn from parents, teachers, and other adults, but we can also learn from our peers! Please post your music and help other group members make their music better.

Get Your Music Heard!

310 discussions • 9.9K scores • 2.1K members


The next contest, Contest 2, ends April 12, 2012!

To get considered, you must have:
- compose a marching band stand tune, a whole song. MUST BE GOOD AND CATCHY!!
- have the statement "Piece for Contest" for the piece's subtitle
- Submit it to THIS group's main page under the "Sheet Music" Tab/page
- have YOUR name as the composer (first and last)
- have it submitted BEFORE April 12, 2012

More contests and opportunities will be available to the people that join this page. These opportunities will ONLY be available to the members of THIS group. Join and enter, What do you have to lose??

This contest has no affiliation with or any of their affiliates. If any questions do come up, please do not submit them to, please submit them to me in the discussions area.
Have Fun!

I spoke to the directors, and they agreed to hear the music next week. So the contest is extended to the 19th. And They want four (4) pieces now instead of only three (3)! So you still have time!

High School Composers

250 discussions • 5.1K scores • 1.6K members

Our mission is to show that there can be great composers even though we are still in high school. We are just that awesome.

Undertale Music

235 discussions • 1.2K scores • 1.4K members

This group is for transcriptions and arrangements of the soundtrack of the video game Undertale. Feel free to post any Undertale sheets in this group and share links to other Undertale sheets in the discussions. PLEASE KEEP THE DISCUSSIONS RELEVANT. THANK YOU :D
(this means no self-promotions, or personal blogs or any of that nonsense!)

if you see something inappropriate or anything that doesn't belong here, message Anime Mallet Arrangements to report it to the mods!

Come join the Undertale Online Orchestra!

So from now on, discussions about score stealing will be removed unless 1. It is an EXACT COPY of your score, note for note, AND 2. You have tried and failed to solve the issue yourself and you feel like backup from the group is the only way you can solve this issue.


91 discussions • 6K scores • 1.3K members

All piano scores for all piano composers .


50 discussions • 3K scores • 1.3K members

If you are a beginner do not hesitate and join us, share your scores with us and give us your opinion on ours.
Si vous êtes un débutant n'hésitez pas à nous rejoindre, partager vos scores avec nous et nous donner votre avis sur les nôtres.

Original Compositions

130 discussions • 7.9K scores • 1.3K members

In order to create a distinction between the songs that were originally composed by their uploaders and songs that were arranged/transcribed by their uploaders, this group was formed. Please do not add songs that you did not write to this group. I do not want to make this group moderated. Also, please only add completed pieces. Thanks!

If I removed your piece, I had reason to think that either:
1) You did not compose it; perhaps I've heard it before, or perhaps you name another person on your score or in the description (for example, your user is "Bob Jones" and the composer named on the score is "Joe Smith" or your user is "Cooldude6" and most of your scores name "Bob Jones" as composer but one score names "Joe Smith"); or
2) It is not complete; this is usually because it says "WIP" or "Incomplete" in the title. I also check scores with "Updated" in the title. Although this is not immediate grounds for removal, if I see that the "updated" score ends with some number of blank measures (more than one), I will usually remove it. If this was an intentional stylistic decision, please message me.

If you think I removed your piece unfairly, please message me. Do not just re-add it. It will be removed again. Before messaging me, please be sure that the piece does belong here.

Rules of Engagement:
1. The first time a score erroneously ends up in this group, I will remove it.
2. If a score which has already been removed from this group is put back in the group, I will remove it and leave a comment reminding the poster of the rules.
3. The second time a score which has been removed is re-added by a user, that user will be kicked from the group and blocked from joining again.

These rules seem to be necessary in order to preserve the integrity of the group. Thank you!

- U. Þ.

We <3 Comments Group

134 discussions • 7.3K scores • 1.1K members

The goal of this group is to generate comments for every song posted in this group. Below are some thoughts to consider whether to join or not.

If you like to post constructive comments on, this is a group for you.
If you're a girl (and hence, like to talk a lot), this is a group for you.
If your songs don't have any comments yet, this is a group for you.
If you just want to "crank-em-up" to get into the MuseScore Hits group, this is a group for you....

And so on.

Happy trails, Flyingninja77

Composers - The Next Generation

68 discussions • 6K scores • 1.1K members

We aspire to share our music with the world, or everyone on this site at least. Post anything that you are proud of making/arranging! That's it.


Self-taught Composers

122 discussions • 5.7K scores • 1.1K members

Hi everyone! And welcome to this group!
What I mean by 'self-taught' is that no one else - but internet or any other object (books, articles, etc.) doesn't count - has ever taught you how to write music. You learn all the things by yourself.

Video Gamers

36 discussions • 2K scores • 1K members

We want people who can make music for video games and also art.
Anyone can join if they want a fun discussion! :D We also need some trumpet music which is the instrument I play!

Critique and Reviews.

169 discussions • 6K scores • 914 members

This group is for all people, who want to know what others think about theire pieces.

Always Learning

96 discussions • 5.6K scores • 905 members

As musicians we can always be learning and getting better. Here we can support each other. I only want postive people here please!

The Whovians

72 discussions • 175 scores • 830 members

This group's purpose is to honor Ron Grainer and Murray Gold's music from the BBC sci-fi show Doctor Who by posting arrangements or transcriptions of their music and to discuss the show in general. Any fan of the show is welcome.

The Master Composers|Arrangers

60 discussions • 4.1K scores • 828 members

This is a group for groups that are for specific instrument types to join so each group can have a music-composing contest and submit their scores to this group for a final vote. Each group's winner would compete against the other groups' winners for a Grand Master Composer Winner!! The user and his/her score's name would be entered into our Hall of Fame to show our best piece of music to all the world! The winners of each group's competition would be invited to The Master Composers - Finals to show that they are the most elite of all the composers on this website.

Also, this group promotes activity and promotes any groups that join.

If you are not a part of any of these groups (see Groups discussion), then join one of them or make a group for whatever instrument you play that has not been made yet. All are welcome!