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Video Game and Anime Music!

470 discussions • 5.2K scores • 17.5K members

Feel free to share any video game/anime music you want!

Video Gamers

209 discussions • 3.3K scores • 12.6K members

We want people who can make music for video games and also art. Anyone can join if they want a fun discussion!

TheIshter Sheets

8 discussions • 65 scores • 3.4K members

Project to create sheet music for Ismael's Covers that dont have sheetmusic.
If a transcription looks dropped feel free to pick it back up

Undertale Music

286 discussions • 1.3K scores • 3.1K members

This group is for transcriptions and arrangements of the soundtrack of the video game Undertale. Feel free to post any Undertale sheets in this group and share links to other Undertale sheets in the discussions. PLEASE KEEP THE DISCUSSIONS RELEVANT. THANK YOU :D
(this means no self-promotions, or personal blogs or any of that nonsense!)

if you see something inappropriate or anything that doesn't belong here, message Anime Mallet Arrangements to report it to the mods!

Come join the Undertale Online Orchestra!

So from now on, discussions about score stealing will be removed unless 1. It is an EXACT COPY of your score, note for note, AND 2. You have tried and failed to solve the issue yourself and you feel like backup from the group is the only way you can solve this issue.

The Whovians

77 discussions • 156 scores • 1.2K members

This group's purpose is to honor Ron Grainer and Murray Gold's music from the BBC sci-fi show Doctor Who by posting arrangements or transcriptions of their music and to discuss the show in general. Any fan of the show is welcome.

Anime Music

13 discussions • 704 scores • 909 members

The Zelda Group

20 discussions • 464 scores • 587 members

Unless the song you put into this group contains even a small Zelda part, your song will be deleted.

Please take a look at our sister group, The Mario Group:

Sax arrangements

4 discussions • 104 scores • 535 members

You can post here arrangements or your own compositions of rock/pop/any other style or movies/games themes for any ensemble
which includes saxophone(s) as lead instrument .

This is the one and only criterion for scores of the group.

Enjoy posting, commenting and playing it!

Disney Group

15 discussions • 153 scores • 449 members

I've been looking around through the groups
and I noticed there was no specific Disney group.

I thought it was my duty to start this group because of my transcripting history,
and I've seen quite some music from movies like The lion king, Mulan, several pixar movies,
Narnia, etc.

All Disney lovers, young and old, are invited to join this group

If you happened to have one or several qualitative arrangements from any Disney movie, you are welcome to post them here.

All subjects on Disney or music are permitted in the forum, but advertising non-relative is not allowed.


56 discussions • 327 scores • 437 members

This group is for people who like the MUSIC of Pokemon, you can still be in it if you like the actual Pokemon but don't post random things.

Nintendo Band Arrangements

34 discussions • 322 scores • 372 members

This group is a home for people like me who arrange video game music by Nintendo for concert bands. This is a place for people to comment on the piece's awesomeness and suggest improvents. Again, I reiterate: only Nintendo music arrangements for FULL bands can be posted here.

Best of Anime Music!

6 discussions • 353 scores • 321 members

Compose and listen to music composed for and from anime!

Anime/Video/Game/Musicsheet and Score.

22 discussions • 1K scores • 307 members

Do you like anime music? Then Join Our Group and Post Only Anime Music here!!
Join this group and post your music here. Arrangement, choir, piano, band, jazz...etc..anything you want but only anime.

My Film Score Group

19 discussions • 827 scores • 292 members

A group you can join if you like the music of movies. This group Was created by Evilpie3 for a way to connect with other Movie fanatics. If you enjoy movies or movie soundtracks, join this Group !!!!!

Original Music of any Kind

73 discussions • 1.9K scores • 278 members

Title says it all :D
Feel Free to add a discussion! just keep it clean ;)

*AND CHECK THE WEBSITE AREA for FREE custom made soundfonts!*

Legend of Zelda Music

15 discussions • 289 scores • 272 members

Be nice. Be friendly. Offer advice. No bullying.