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Teens with potential

9 discussions • 241 scores • 100 members

Compositions and covers of popular songs are all welcome!!!

Star Wars Sheet

10 discussions • 53 scores • 100 members

To transpose every piece written for the Star Wars movies.

Group for Anyone

3 discussions • 565 scores • 99 members

This group should eventually have more members than any other.

- Flute Choir Music -

12 discussions • 54 scores • 99 members

If you are having troubles with playing any passage of a piece, just post a discussion, maybe one of us can help! :)

If you Play in a flute choir, or if you just write for flutes - Join This Group!!
Intended for pieces with Piccolos, Flutes, Alto Flutes, Bass Flutes, Contrabass Flutes, and Subcontrabass Flutes. But any pieces for flute ensembles, quartets and such are always welcome :)


Rock songs

5 discussions • 223 scores • 99 members

Chamber music

1 discussion • 923 scores • 98 members

This is music that can be performed in small venues, traditionally in a palace chamber. Today, much of the chamber music repertoire is also performed in bigger concert halls.
Feel welcome to share both newly composed and classical chamber music pieces.

Original compositions with original ideas

9 discussions • 588 scores • 98 members

I love compositions with an element of surprise. That's why is the ideal place for me to spend my time, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who feels like that. So why shouldn't we try to collect all those awesome, unexpected and yet ingenious scores in one group?

There are two simple rules for contributing your piece:
1. It must be an - readable! - original composition by you.
2. It must contain an unusual, surprising, crazy or whatsoever element.

If you've discovered any fitting composition by another user, just invite them to join the group! And if you'd like to allude to a non-musescorian composer's works, just start a new discussion. I'm sure we'll dig out some rarely seen valuables...

Be kind, have fun!

Skeletøn Ȼlique

15 discussions • 22 scores • 98 members

All Twenty One Pilots fans! This is a group for the few, the proud, and the emotional.

Trombone Ensemble

0 discussions • 65 scores • 97 members

Collection of trombone/Low Brass sheet music.
Forums about trombone music, arranging issues and discussions about pieces.
This is for fun!

Film and TV Soundtrack Musescore Gems

10 discussions • 190 scores • 97 members

The aim of this group is to promote a healthy appreciation and understanding of music used in Film and TV soundtracks and trailers (to promote films and even books).

Tribute work of a classical or contemporary nature will be happily accepted but credit MUST be given to the original composer. Think of this site as an educational resource.

This group welcomes discussions on your favourite soundtracks and composers too.

Music for Improvement

3 discussions • 364 scores • 97 members

The goal of this group is to get your ideas out into the public, listen to others, and have others listen to you.
Rule 1. Be nice
Rule 2. Publish Music, Listen to Music
Rule 3. Help others improve

The Mustaches

14 discussions • 673 scores • 96 members

yoyoyo it's ya boi

Band Class Composers

5 discussions • 107 scores • 96 members

To give people a chance to show their rising skill in composing full scores for actual bands to perform.


5 discussions • 175 scores • 96 members

For those who want to show their wonderful scores,
between amateur and experts discuss and share the fruits of their imagination,
'' This is your place! ''

for all musical styles

The Wow Factor Composers

5 discussions • 385 scores • 95 members

This group is open to all composition styles, as long as you think that your score has some kind of WOW factor that makes you want to keep listening.

Pirates of the Caribbean

9 discussions • 22 scores • 94 members

If you have any transposed Pirates of the Caribbean music, then post it here! Please don't post any but Pirates music. Talk about what piece you'd like to transpose next, and what ever-else you want. Have fun and enjoy what is here to enjoy!

Well, yes mate. See, I’m dishonest. And a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly. It’s the honest ones you need to watch out for, because you never know when they’re going to do something incredibly… stupid.

-Jack Sparrow

Viola Society

4 discussions • 81 scores • 93 members

This group is for people to share pieces they wrote for viola and for violists like me to find new pieces to play. It can be a viola concerto, an etude, an arrangement from a violin concerto, or whatever.

Eccentric Composers

3 discussions • 875 scores • 93 members

Don't use an instrument in the traditional manner?
Do your compositions come off as off-center, unusual and perhaps a little crazy?
Are you over-the-top?
Then this is the place for you!

Original Compositions

13 discussions • 339 scores • 93 members

We aim to help people grow as musicians and to help build confidence in new or inexperienced composers.