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MuseScore Help Group

167 discussions • 404 scores • 458 members

What is needed here is in the description. I only ask that you only post pieces made from help you recieved here. Thanks!

MuseScore Drumline

50 discussions • 215 scores • 360 members

MuseScore Drumline - tips, tricks, questions, support, ideas, and more.

MuseScore on iOS

134 discussions • 8 scores • 279 members

Play more sheet music with the MuseScore Songbook app on your iOS device.

Mastering MuseScore

34 discussions • 9 scores • 38 members

If you are looking for information on how to use MuseScore, this is the place for you!

Group admin Marc Sabatella is Director of Education for MuseScore, one of the developers of the software, and the author of the comprehensive guide Mastering MuseScore. Let Marc be your expert guide as you explore our companion website - the ultimate resource for learning the world's most popular music notation software!

Meanwhile, feel free to take part in the discussions here on the official Mastering MuseScore group on

MuseScore Mini Blog

1 discussion • 0 scores • 21 members

Welcome to the Miniblog of MuseScore team for MuseScore users.

P.S. All topics from non-team members will be removed.

P.P.S. But Feel free to comment !

Undertale for All

2 discussions • 16 scores • 9 members

Here at Undertale for All people make sheet music for any instrument or multiple instruments. People can also make sheet music for others by asking through discussions! If you make a score, please add it to this group. Have a great time here!

Open Score-Braille

3 discussions • 0 scores • 5 members

The purpose of this group is to discuss issues related to creating scores in MuseScore that can be easily converted to Braille.

You are welcomed to ask for public domain scores to be transcribed and added to the Openscore-braille account. Volunteers to transcribe these score are always appreciated. Please post requests for scores to be added here, so people can volunteer to transcribe them for you.

If you have a score you would like listed on the OpenScore-braille account, please provide a link to it and ensure I have a way to contact you directly. You may also e-mail me directly at

If you convert scores to braille and find problems with scores on the Openscore-braille account, please post them here so others can see what is being worked on.

The Second Renassiance

1 discussion • 0 scores • 4 members

Hello! Welcome to the Second Renaissance. We are here to provide help on writing music, learning how to play music, and bringing back the true meaning to music. Join us if you wish to see all "old" music to make a come back, and to be appreciated again.

French Tablature

2 discussions • 0 scores • 4 members

MuseScore folks can be the ones to lead the way in online use of French Tablature for both plucked (ie., lute & theorbo) and bowed (ie., lyra viol) string instruments. We can benefit greatly by openly discussing our needs and discoveries here.

License To Learn

0 discussions • 0 scores • 3 members

Hello fellow musecorians, welcome to MT. I created this group to help the amatu--small users to make more creative scores, learn more advanced techniques, and to just... well, become better! I'll invite some of the greats to help give tips to everyone, so don't be afraid to ask anything.