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Female Composers

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Curious how many girls are on here. Join us!


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Foreign Language Group!

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For starters, translate this:
Θα καταβάλουμε κάθε συζήτηση που για μια συγκεκριμένη γλώσσα, και στη συνέχεια θα μιλήσουμε για το τι θέλουμε σε ξένες γλώσσες!

The MuseScore Seasonally Symphonic Competition

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Welcome to the MuseScore Seasonally Symphonic Competition, where you can enter any symphony or concerto and have it judged against others every season of the year. Please read all the rules and regulations if you would like to be involved or affiliated with this competition, thanks!

1. The score you present must have 6+ instruments [you can use more than one specific instrument].
2. There is no time limit, but it's recommended that your composition be above 3-4 minutes.
3. Your composition must have [MSSC No._] anywhere in the title, or it will not be noticed.
4. You are only allowed to have one composition per contest.
5. Each contest ends on the last day of the solstice, and each contest begins on the first day of the solstice. Your score must be in by the those times.
6. Every score must be original, and created by your ownself. You may have pieces inspired by other composers, and scores like these do not need to have the comparison mentioned.
7. Be sure to identify what type of composition your entry is [symphony, sonata, etc].
8. Please, please, PLEASE, post it to the group!

If any of these rules are broken, it will result in your composition not being graded at all.

I [Butler Woodstock] am currently the only permanent judge.

Musicality [How musically enjoyable the composition is]- 75%
Creativity [How well thought out the name and story behind your composition is]- 10%
Perform-ability [How possible the composition is for an actual orchestra to perform] - 10%
Structure [How understandable the composition is]- 5%

There are no physical rewards yet, but when I get money I'll think of something.
Thank you for taking the time to read the regulations. If anything confused you, be sure to comment on the 'Questions' tab in the discussion section. I hope you have a good time with this contest, and to see you soon!

Meriwether Woodstock


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This group is for posting and discussing sheet music of songs (i.e. vocal music with lyrics, though the vocal may be simulated by an instrument) of any genre -- popular, folk, art song, etc. -- which have no or minimal instrumental accompaniment (minimal meaning for example a single extra staff with basic guitar or keyboard chords.) Songs in full instrumental arrangements should be posted in the Musescore Composers group. Songs may be either original work or the songs of others, but in the latter case please be sure that what's posted doesn't violate copyright.

Image: Bâton de Chantre, 12th cent, - licensing information -

Alan Walker Fan Club

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If you think Alan Walker is amazing,
If you think Alan Walker is awesome,
If you think Alan Walker is the best,
If you know Alan Walker is the best,
If Alan Walker is the best,
If you think you are fan of Alan Walker,
If you ARE fan of Alan Walker,
If your dream is meet Alan Walker,
If you're always wears headphones,
Or without headphones,
And listens Alan Walker's songs,
If you're doing it everywhere,
Even in church,
If you love one of Faded, Alone, Spectre, ...
Or if you ARE Alan Walker,
Please join this group.

Music Education Resources

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If you are interested in using MuseScore in music education, this is the group for you! Take part in the discussions, browse the scores, and contribute your own.


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This is a group for arrangements of Pentatonix's songs/covers. If you haven't arranged any of their stuff but you are a Pentaholic, this group is for you, too! :D

Musescore Composing Contests HQ

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Upcoming contests: (read discussions for more info)

#10 Electro Groove
Write an original piece in the style of EDM, house, electronic or any similar style, for more than one instrument. The song must contain a solo for a particular instrument at one time during. The deadline for entries is May 29th.

#11 Musical Transformation
Choose a scene from a movie/tv show and turn it into a musical. Use melody lines for dialogue with appropriate lyrics. Deadline is May 30th

So I know there are many groups similar to this, but I kind of feel we need a fresh start. So after every competition ends, another one will start for you to try out. Each one will have a unique theme and obligations, and then the other admin (whoever it may be) will decide on the winner(s). As you know, there won't be a price, just, I guess, a good feeling if you win...? And if you don't there will plenty more chances.

Anyway, the announcements for each contest will be in a labelled discussion in the group with requirements etc. Your composition will need to have MCCHQ #*number* on the title. Please post it in the group and also leave a link to it in the description of the particular contest. Watch those deadlines too!

After every 10 contests, there will be a new admin contest for someone to judge the next 10. This is so everyone can get a chance to judge, and so that if you have been or will be an admin there is still chance to participate in contests. 20 contests will rotate so you can have a go at them multiple times, and if you judge one you can participate when it comes round again!

Have fun! -Cl4rin3t

Teens with potential

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Compositions and covers of popular songs are all welcome!!!

Star Wars Sheet

10 discussions • 51 scores • 100 members

To transpose every piece written for the Star Wars movies.

- Flute Choir Music -

12 discussions • 53 scores • 100 members

If you are having troubles with playing any passage of a piece, just post a discussion, maybe one of us can help! :)

If you Play in a flute choir, or if you just write for flutes - Join This Group!!
Intended for pieces with Piccolos, Flutes, Alto Flutes, Bass Flutes, Contrabass Flutes, and Subcontrabass Flutes. But any pieces for flute ensembles, quartets and such are always welcome :)


Group for Anyone

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This group should eventually have more members than any other.

Chamber music

1 discussion • 889 scores • 98 members

This is music that can be performed in small venues, traditionally in a palace chamber. Today, much of the chamber music repertoire is also performed in bigger concert halls.
Feel welcome to share both newly composed and classical chamber music pieces.

Trombone Ensemble

0 discussions • 65 scores • 97 members

Collection of trombone/Low Brass sheet music.
Forums about trombone music, arranging issues and discussions about pieces.
This is for fun!

Film and TV Soundtrack Musescore Gems

10 discussions • 189 scores • 97 members

The aim of this group is to promote a healthy appreciation and understanding of music used in Film and TV soundtracks and trailers (to promote films and even books).

Tribute work of a classical or contemporary nature will be happily accepted but credit MUST be given to the original composer. Think of this site as an educational resource.

This group welcomes discussions on your favourite soundtracks and composers too.

Skeletøn Ȼlique

15 discussions • 21 scores • 97 members

All Twenty One Pilots fans! This is a group for the few, the proud, and the emotional.

Music for Improvement

3 discussions • 362 scores • 97 members

The goal of this group is to get your ideas out into the public, listen to others, and have others listen to you.
Rule 1. Be nice
Rule 2. Publish Music, Listen to Music
Rule 3. Help others improve