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Percussion Ensemble

23 discussions • 502 scores • 690 members

To bring awareness that percussion strait up rocks everything.

Pep Band

13 discussions • 214 scores • 350 members

Everything related to Pep Band, Basketball Band, Stand Tunes and more.

Mallet Percussion People of the World!!!

18 discussions • 384 scores • 297 members

Our mission is to help those striving to become a composer for the Marimba and other mallet instruments and to perfect their playing on the Marimba if they are a learner.

MuseScore Drumline

24 discussions • 91 scores • 264 members

MuseScore Drumline - tips, tricks, questions, support, ideas, and more.

Marching Percussion

29 discussions • 111 scores • 235 members

Marching Percussion & Drumline Group

Pit Is Love, Pit is Life.

8 discussions • 206 scores • 167 members

The World Needs More Pit Arrangements! And this is the perfect place for them to go
Only one rule for compositions/arrangements submitted to the group: The majority of the instruments used must be some kind of percussion instrument or other instrument commonly found in a percussion ensemble.

Percussionist Unite!

8 discussions • 200 scores • 145 members

Glad you joined! Feel free to post percussion music ONLY. I want this to be a percussion group not a "oh lets just post random scores here to get views." No hard feelings haha.


10 discussions • 198 scores • 137 members

Post and share your compositions, discuss drumming, and remember to practice mallets


3 discussions • 166 scores • 59 members

All things drum set - any genre, any style

Drumline Battle

6 discussions • 9 scores • 47 members

Show writing design and music for Drumline Battle.

Not officially associated with Drumline Battle

Drumline Creations

0 discussions • 43 scores • 30 members

Welcome! We are here for the music and to help one another out. Please be nice and courteous to others.

Percussionist writers

1 discussion • 45 scores • 23 members

Hey. I don't really have mush to say, so just join my group if you love drums!

Percussion Ensemble Lovers of MuseScore

1 discussion • 4 scores • 19 members

This group welcomes all to post, share, comment on, etc percussion ensemble scores. All types of percussion ensemble pieces are invited!


1 discussion • 4 scores • 11 members

Musescorps' purpose is to provide a home for fans of both drum corps and marching band.

Have an original composition for a marching band? Did you arrange your favorite song(s) into a drum corps format? Do you have a transcription of a drum corps or marching band show you want heard? This is the place to do it!

I hope to hold arrangement/composition competitions in the near future, so keep an eye open for that!

Percussion Ensemble Fanatics

2 discussions • 2 scores • 11 members

The League of Percussion Ensemble Fanatics mission is to write 200 percussion ensemble scores (battery and pit) before 2020.
Please comply with these instructions:
1. No cussing or inappropriate language is allowed in this group
2. No sharing personal information
3. No submitting music that you did not put moderate effort into writing
4. ABSOLUTELY NO politics, religion, racism and such (do that somewhere else please)

Thank you for helping us achieve this goal.

Everything Marimba (and maybe some other mallets)

1 discussion • 19 scores • 10 members

The music here should mostly be original compositions and different arrangements of pieces for you guessed it, marimba. There may be the occasional vibe or xylo piece, but try to ignore those. (Just kidding we are accepting of all mallet instruments)

Percussion Music Rules da Universe !!!

0 discussions • 14 scores • 7 members

Forum to post , highlight and encourage originality , camaraderie in ensemble music in general and especially inspire composing using percussion instruments !!!