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Bass Clef Inventory

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This group can include pieces for:
-Bass Trombone
-Double Bass
-Bass Guitar
-Anything annoyingly low or in the clef of the shepherd's staff


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I made this group to shed light on the great instruments in low brass that never really get heard over the melodies of flutes and trumpets. I won't be posting much but I would love to see what everyone can do with trombones,Bass Trombones,Euphoniums and Tubas(I'm a tuba player myself and would love to play pieces where tuba gets the melody ;) ). Also I might play a few of the pieces posted and upload to my youtube channel.

Composing/Arranging for Winds

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The primary focus of this group is to allow for discussion in the areas of orchestration, instrumentation and practical use of wind and percussion instruments. These areas include wind ensembles of the following nature:

Concert/Symphonic Band
Woodwind Quintet
Brass Sextet
Brass Quintet
Brass Quartet
Trumpet Ensembles
Horn Choir
Trombone Choir
Tuba/Euphonium Ensemble

Music involving arrangements or compositions for any of these types of ensembles may be shared in this group for members to comment on and give advice. Any music involving marching band or strings (other than string bass in a band score) is not allowed. All Discussion posts MUST be related to the topics given in this description.

The Solo Instrument Championships

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The rundown of this competition is simple. At the beginning of the championships, everyone chooses an instrument from the list below. Once a month, all entrants submit a piece written for their solo instrument choice, based off that month's theme.

The instruments to choose from are:
-English Horn
-Bass Clarinet
-French Horn
-Classical Guitar
-Acoustic Guitar
-Double Bass

Once everyone instrument has been chosen, and each can only be chosen once, the first round begins.

For the first two rounds, three instruments shall be eliminated each time. For the next six rounds, two people will be eliminated each time. This will then bring us to the final 6 people. From then on, only 1 person is eliminated each round.

Scores will be judged on
Originality /20
Playability /20
Good use of instrument /20
Creativity /20
Relevance to theme /20

At the end of each round, every entrant will be presented with their overall score out of 100, as well as additional comments from me.

The winner of the entire Championships will win a follow from me, and I will favourite ALL of your scores.

Kings of the Tuba

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Welcome, this is a group for anyone who loves the tuba. This group is mostly for tuba solos and duets. Any song may be added as long as it is only tuba. No full band arrangements please. Songs may be composed or arranged.

Those Unapreciated People In The Orchestra

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This group is for people who play or enjoy listening to the lower side of their band or orchestra. Ex: Double Bass, Tuba, Cello, Trombone... anything that reads bass clef.

Bass Clef Solos

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It's hard to find music for Bass Clef playing instruments (such as Trombone, Tuba, Euphonium, Cello, Bassoon, Contrabassoon, and others) so I have created this group to post Bass Clef only music. It can be an ensemble, but all scores must have only bass clef parts.

Philadelphia DownTown-Highschool Local Orchestra

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Philadelphia DownTown Highschool Orchestra Homepage

(For musescore members)
Members who are joining this group must at least know how to perform on a musical instrument.
Before any events and activities on this group starts... note that we need at least 2 violinists, 2 Violists, a Cellist, A double bass player... French Horn, Trumpet/Cornet, Drummer, Flutist/Piccolo Flute player, Trombone, Tuba, And someone who has a Tamborine.
Also... feel free to add a discussion in the discussions page.

(For Members of the PDTL)
Hi. Its your conductor and First Chair Violinist, CM(ConcertMaster) Martha.
I know we already have a homepage set but I wanted to expand our existence to the Musescore world.
Also... We can discuss our live performances in here easier than sending emails and wait
For a few hours for a reply + talk about the issue of our always absent cellist Mr. Harr who do not
Participate in recitals anymore without even telling us why.

Tuba Natiion

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For people who want tuba sheet music or those who just love their tuba.

Divertimento Collaborations

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Alright, some people don't know what a divertimento is. But, I want to create one with all of you and put it together so that we can learn, experience others' attributes and actually collaborate using special techniques that you have acquired in your years of composing. What a divertimento is: a "suite" (if you will) that is composed of 6-8 (depends on the number of participants) movements that range from 6-20 minutes. (***Note: this is not a symphony; therefore the movements should not be above 4 minutes.) Let's all agree on the instrumentation, with a standard orchestral instrumentation with free percussion (Standard orchestral instrumentation: # of staves must not decrease from:1 flute, 1 oboe, 1 Bassoon, 1 Bb Clarinets, Bass Clarinet, 2 Trumpets, 2 Horn, 1 Trombone, 1 Tuba, 1 Harp*, 2 Violins, 1 Viola, 1 Cello and 1 Contrabass. *=may be omitted for march) which may be determined by what movement you want to do.

For the movements, some examples may include: March, Toccata, Fugue, Dance, Ballad, Jig, Soliloquy, Variation, Chorale, Scherzo, Waltz, Finale and a Introduction (which I will do). In a divertimento, there are two ballads, a finale, intro and two body movements. The examples (and by examples, I mean things that will jog your memory) of these:
Intro (for my intro, I choose something like "Ignition" by Todd Stalter) all movements except ballads
Second movement: Waltz, Scherzo, Ballad
Third Movement: Scherzo, Waltz, Toccata, Fugue
Fourth Movement: Dance, Toccata, Fugue, Variation
Fifth Movement: Soliloquy, Dance, Scherzo, Fugue, Variation
Sixth Movement: all movements except ballads; mostly marches, fugues and scherzos.

Thank you all, if you want to participate, please place a comment below. If you don't know your movement, don't worry; we'll figure it out. (Notice: if there is more than eight people, then there will be another piece we're going to work on.)

12 Days of Counterpoint/Composition Challenge

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What is the 12 Days of Counterpoint Challenge? In case you didn't notice, the name is in reference to the 12 Days of Christmas, which is when I first gave myself this challenge in 2015. Basically, a composer sets aside some time for 12 days to compose a piece. The way I do it is, I pick an ensemble (ex. 2 trumpets and a tuba), a key (E Minor), set a minimum daily quota (ex. 8 measures a day), and I write. It doesn't even take that much time; 8 measures of music with my personal technique takes about an hour (granted, I write relatively quick). Of course, all my requirements I set for myself are optional, except the 12 day time limit. I am merely interested in seeing what some people can do with a time limit of just 12 days; after all, Beethoven worked for years on single compositions. Also, use of strict counterpoint is NOT necessary. I don't even technically use it; my method is a mixture of counterpoint, harmonic writing and through-composition. Suggestions for improvement welcomed, I have a feeling this Mission Statement is already WAAAAAY too long.

Neglected Orchestral Brass

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A place to discuss F trumpet, tenor tuba, cornet, etc.
Profane comments will be deleted.

Very Fun Sousaphone Music

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This is a page for only sousaphone/tuba parts. Some parts may be for the euphonium, but if they are in lower ranges, the euphonium has to be a fully compensater.

Tuba Fans Emporium

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1. No spamming, any advertisements pertaining to other companies besides Musescore will be deleted and the OP will be removed from the group.
2. Any sheet music is accepted! (Tuba of course :P)
3. Please be courteous in the comments, be nice and just be a good sport.

Any issues regarding a poster, person, or post, tag me (@KirbyGuy) and I will fix the problem to the best of my knowledge.