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Modernist Composers

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Feel free to post music here!

Hello everyone! This is the page for composers who compose in a style that branches out of the Common Practice Era. The Modern Era is defined by harmonies that don't follow conventional rules, odd time signatures and phrase structures, disguised tonality or atonality, and otherwise breaking the conventions of music that some would say bound composers like Mozart and Beethoven. This group also includes Postmodernism, most notable for its more pessimistic and less confident (post-World Wars) worldview than that of the Modern Era. This group is for people who write music that stretches and breaks rules.

Master | Amateur Arrangements and Compositions

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Uploading the best and the get-better is our goal.

If you'd like arrangements done, post a group discussion. Stay active & stay on fire!

The more active you are in the group, the more likely you'll be promoted to administrator. (This means active replies, group discussions and inviting others to the group)

MuseScore Kingdom

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'Sup guys, this is trolol3000!

This is the MuseScore Kingdom, a group solely based on fantasy! If ya'll like fantasy stuffs, why not join the group?

Anyone is welcome, but here is these simple rules:

1. Don't be mean.
3. Participate in what's up. Get involved :D

Thanks! - trolol3000

Lord of the Rings

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The aim of this group is to bring the music and the films to the people who have never seen or heard them. Upload your Lord of the Rings arrangements and music so that we can show Howard Shore's genius to all of MuseScore. Also, have fun discussions!

Guaranteed Feedback

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Guaranteed feedback is committed to ensuring you get advise and feedback on your pieces. It is a new idea, and to ensure there is a flow of advise, we must create a few rules.

You must abide by the following rules:
• When someone comments on your score from the guaranteed feedback group, you must comment on someone else's score from this group
• When commenting, you must leave your preferred title, and "guaranteed feedback group" at the end of your post in the following format. Example: "Uncle Snail, Guaranteed Feedback Group"
• Max of 3 scores posted, per user, per week.

There are 5 Overseers for the group and we will attempt to carefully look at who is commenting and who is not. If you do not abide by the rules of this group, you will be given a warning, and then removed from the group.

If you are going to give feedback on a score, please consider this code of conduct:
• Be polite, even if you don't like the score
• If you don't like the score, specify where and WHY you don't like it and how the writer can improve on it.
• No comments such as, "Very nice!" Or "I like it"; Comments must be at least 2 complete sentences.
• Use common ENGLISH grammar so whoever is reading can understand you.
• You do not necessarily have to comment on everything that is posted, don't push yourself, and you may choose not to comment on pieces you don't necessarily want to comment on.

If you do not abide by the code of conduct, you will be given warning, and continued offences could result in removal from the group.

You are free to join, but read the rules first before commenting. And feel free to share the group!

Kind Regards,
Airik Daily (Founder of Guaranteed Feedback )

Acapella Arrangers

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Please only post relevant material to this page: a cappella versions of any pre-existing or original pieces. This group is meant for the appreciation of other arrangers in the field of a cappella music.

Please don't post non-relevant material,
Don't be hostile in the discussion forums or in the comments of individual scores,
To be accepted in the group, you must have at least one a cappella score uploaded.

東方麗樂聚~Touhou Arrangers

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We are fully dedicated to the composition beauty that is ZUN and his fantastic works, as well as taking those works and either putting them into our own interpretations or arranging them into works that can fully enjoyed by other people. All rights of music belong to Team Shanghai Alice, and are in no way, shape or form, a possession of any members in this group.

Remember to do your best in every work you compose, and please keep things civil and criticism constructive. There will be a zero tolerance threshold on abusive behavior towards fellow members.


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The Mission of this group is to get every possible person who has made songs from "Hamilton: An American Musical", add every possible song from Hamilton to this group, and get anybody who likes Hamilton

Percussionist Unite!

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Glad you joined! Feel free to post percussion music ONLY. I want this to be a percussion group not a "oh lets just post random scores here to get views." No hard feelings haha.


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Musecorps (pronounced as "MuseCore") is a group that aims to provide a home for fans of both drum corps and marching band.

Have an original composition for a marching band? Did you arrange your favorite song(s) into a drum corps format? Do you have a transcription of a drum corps or marching band show you want heard? This is the place to do it!

I hope to hold arrangement/composition competitions in the near future, so keep an eye open for that!

Marching band Kicks butt

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I want to write music for my high school marching band and write pep tunes as well.

Golden Nintendo League

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Welcome to the Golden Nintendo League! Feel free to post you Nintendo music galore, ranging from Super Smash Brothers, Zelda, Mario and even F-Zero. I do hope you enjoy your time here and please post only Video Game Music!

Composers :)

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All About Composers

OVNI Orquestra de Violoncelos Noturnos Interplanetários - Brasilia Cello Ensemble

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OVNI is a Brazilian Cello Orchestra established in 2015, which its first performance was at the Brasilia Planetarium, in October 1st 2015.
"OVNI" means UFO in Portuguese. A nice play of words to show the jolly spirit of the group.
Since then, students are improving the repertoire of cello ensemble for beginners, and playing music while the public can listen and see at the same time stars, planets, galaxies, the cosmos and all the wonders planetariums can provide.
The orchestra does its rehearsals at the Escola de Música de Brasilia (the capital of Brazil, just a few yards of the National Congress) under the supervision of cello teacher Danilo Chaib.
In 2017 the group changed the initial I which originally was meant for "Iniciantes" (Beginners) to "Interplanetários" (Interplanetary) which at this point makes more sense :)

Les Misérables

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Here's a group for Les Mis fans, where we can post our arrangements or transcriptions from the musical and discuss it.

Rap & Hip Hop

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Welcome to the group of Rap & Hip Hop where our goal is to spread the music of this genre through unconventional means of sheet music. Popular or underrated Rap & Hip-Hop songs you expect/don't expect to be available on sheet music can be found here. Original works are welcome as well.

Composers of the World!

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Composers of the World!
Band together to make the best music the world has ever seen. We'll not be people that will be mean to other people who have bad music. Anyone can join to save music.
1. Lets convince everyone to join our group to be the largest and only group on musecore.
2. Try to make this website be the website with the most compositions! We could win the guiness world record!

Just for Fun

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Any kind of music or discussion is accepted here! No matter if serious, cool, sad, funny, cute, anything I will accept! Also, what I want this group to be is a sort of advertisement for people. So if you do join, please invite others so once people start uploading music here, others can see and review their compositions. It would be cool to have many members so people can share music better. Again, this group is for fun so please no harsh words. Thank youu!


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This group is for people who write emotional songs. Heroism, love, joy, and sorrow are my favorite topics, but any emotional composers will be accepted. This is a group for all ages. If you know anybody who writes emotionally, please recruit them.

Guitar Gods - Legends

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For all the guitarists in the world who have become legendary through their way of playing. Dead, as well as living artists are represented here.