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Original Music of any Kind

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Title says it all :D
Feel Free to add a discussion! just keep it clean ;)

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Church Organ Musician

7 discussions • 767 scores • 291 members

To exchange and share difficult to find or private contributions of music that are suitable for service use.

Christian Composers

35 discussions • 1.4K scores • 262 members

This is a group for Christians to get together, ask each other questions, and post music. Any songs or ideas you care about are appreciated here. Jesus Christ welcomed all people and this group does too.

Christian Worship Group

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This group's purpose is to share both compositions and arrangements to everyone who wants to give glory to God in their music. Worship music that you have created is most encouraged so that it may be used by others and bring people in to the presence of our Lord. Please start conversations about questions you have that others may have answers for. Remember, Jesus Christ gave his life up for us, now It is our turn to give our lives to him. -Galatians 2:20-

What should I name this group...

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1: Worship Me*
2: Post a couple times a week**
3: Brush your teeth twice a day
4: Wear your seatbelt
5: Don't swear to much (if you feel the need to swear)
6: No insulting people
7: Have fun

*Okay you don't have to do that...yet
**I'm saying this so that we can keep this group active

If you don't follow these rules, especially 5 and 6, I will consider kicking you, or banning you. And I don't wanna do that

And, feel free to spam


Teen Christian Musicians

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This is a group for Christian teens to share their music ideas, scores, transpositions, recommendations, etc. I made this group for teens because we are in the same age area so we may have similar interests and ideas for things to create. Only a few rules:
#1 No cuss language or inoproprate conversations.
#2 Preferably ages 13-19
#3 Christian preferably but if you would like to join but aren’t that’s cool too.
#5 Don’t be afraid to post a few comments here and there.
Not too hard right? Hope you join! 😁

Original Hymns

4 discussions • 91 scores • 36 members

Please only post your original Christian hymn compositions.

This is not the group for transcriptions or arrangements of hymns composed by others. Music that is not original is subject to removal from this group. Lyrics need not be original--but should of course have correct attribution.

For the purposes of this group, "hymn" is defined as a song of praise or adoration to God and is generally for group worship and with more than one part (harmony). The hymn should be "singable". Hymns are often chordal and quite "traditional". This is a little different than a spiritual song (praise or worship song).

A cappella or instrumentation is fine. Don't forget to include the lyrics to your hymn.

Christian Flute and Piano

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Anything, that is Christian, associated with the Flute and/or Piano.

Please do not use inappropriate language.
Please do not add scores that are not religious. (If you don't know if it would be considered religious, than please contact the owner.)
Please be kind and do not condemn people.
No spamming.
Comments, and scores containing anything against the rules will be deleted.
Thank you!


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we will join forces comrades and we will destroy these stupid linglings with their measly 40 hours. we will practice 73 hours

Community-Based Composition Competition

2 discussions • 0 scores • 10 members

Welcome to Community-Based Composition Competition, where each month, a simple theme or other composing limitation is given, and everyone is invited to write/arrange a piece according to the month’s theme/limitation.

General Rules:
- Do not spam discussions, comments, or scores. (See below for adding scores to the group)
- Keep at least some discussions and comments on topic. (Keep all scores related to the competition)
- Be respectful of everyone. (This includes using kid-friendly language)

How the Competition Works:
- At the beginning of each month, the winner of the last month’s competition (if any) will decide on a theme/limitation and share it with an admin. The admin will then post it as the official theme/limitation for the month.
- Then, until voting begins in approximately the last seven days of the month, anyone can add their scores for the month. One score is recommended per month, but you can add more. To add a score, please put a note in the title of the upload saying that it’s for the competition. If you don’t, it will likely be deleted.
- For approximately the last seven days of the month, an admin will post a form for voting. Feel free to vote, even if you did not upload a score for the month. Once the next month starts, an admin will announce the winner. Voting may be delayed if there are not enough participants.

Vocal Music

1 discussion • 9 scores • 8 members

A place for everyone to add and discuss their vocal compositions, original or arrangements.

Eagle Scouts of America

1 discussion • 0 scores • 7 members

The one and only Eagle Scout group on MuseScore! Welcome to Eagle Scouts of America! This is where Eagle Scouts can come together to share music, talk, or share ideas. This group will generally be referred to as 'ESA'.


Rules: Just follow the Scout Oath and Law. NO cussing of any kind, innapropriate or offensive language, or spamming alowed. This is an official group. If you're accepted then congradulations on earning your Eagle! Not too many have achieve such a rank in scouting! Most importantly have fun, and know we'll all have your back as a brotherhood. Thanks!

Yours in Scouting,


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This is a place where Christians (particularly Baptists) can share musical ideas that they have.
Whether you are a are are church musician interested in arranging songs from church events or simply just want to be a part of new ideas, this is the place for you.
Here, you can feel free to share musical ideas and look for support in finishing projects that you may have got stuck on.
You can also offer you advice and ideas to other people who are looking for more depth in their music.


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Missionary Choir
대덕한빛교회 할렐루야 찬양대 (Hallelujah Choir of Daedeok Hanbit Church at Daejeon, Korea)


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Messianics of MuseScore

1 discussion • 0 scores • 1 member

A place for Messianic Jews and similar Christians to fellowship together, talk about the Bible and Bible-related topics, write and share God-honoring compositions.

Baroque Compositions

1 discussion • 1 score • 1 member

Come and join and feel at home! This group will be sharing one of the trickiest types of music to compose: Baroque. We are all here to help and give feedback and learn more together!