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The Master Composers|Arrangers

79 discussions • 4.5K scores • 940 members

This is a group for groups that are for specific instrument types to join so each group can have a music-composing contest and submit their scores to this group for a final vote. Each group's winner would compete against the other groups' winners for a Grand Master Composer Winner!! The user and his/her score's name would be entered into our Hall of Fame to show our best piece of music to all the world! The winners of each group's competition would be invited to The Master Composers - Finals to show that they are the most elite of all the composers on this website.

Also, this group promotes activity and promotes any groups that join.

If you are not a part of any of these groups (see Groups discussion), then join one of them or make a group for whatever instrument you play that has not been made yet. All are welcome!

So You Think You Can Compose?

71 discussions • 3.7K scores • 649 members

Post your best music in this group because based on your music, the group will choose the Composer of the week. Every week on Friday night (7:30 p.m.) check the comments and see if you won or not!

Composing For The Joy Of Composing

55 discussions • 2.7K scores • 428 members

This group is for people who compose:
-Concert Music
-Piano Solos
Every week I will pick a piece by one of you to be featured!

Music Battle!

141 discussions • 15 scores • 390 members

This is a group where we have musical battles! Everyone will chose a side and one side will be crowned the victor. Then there will be a ultimate victor of the winning group!

1. Click on the discussion with info about the next battle.
2. Read the themed sides and the requirements and pick your side.
3. Make a score with the requirements.
4. Send your song in mp3 form to and include which side you joined and your Musescore username.
5. When the deadline is hit, voting starts. You vote for either side that you think should win, and you can vote for someone to be the ultimate victor, disregarding their side. At this time we are trying a new voting format, where you give multiple votes to multiple people. The more entries, the more votes you can give. You may absolutely not vote for yourself!
6. If you are crowned the ultimate victor of your side, you get to pick the 2 or more sides next time! You will just need to send the admins a message, and we will make the discussion!
7. Even if you don't win, you still get to post your song in the group! Just make sure you write that you submitted it to a battle in the description :)

*If you post the song on YouTube, please state what contest it is for and your Musescore username.

1. No voting for yourself to be the Ultimate Victor. (But you can vote for either side that you think should win.)
2. People cannot use scores they've finished and posted to musescore before the battle.
3. Any songs that have been entered in any battle may be posted in the group. Reference to the group and the fact it was written for the group should be contained within the description.
4. No being a mean person.
5. No bad language or inappropriate references.
7. Listen to all entries thoroughly before voting.
8. No not having fun! ^_^

Piano Virtuoso

31 discussions • 1.2K scores • 318 members

“The attraction of the virtuoso for the public is very like that of the circus for the crowd. There is always the hope that something dangerous will happen.”
— Claude Debussy

This group is for all the advanced piano players and composers on Musescore; if you are one of them, you should definitely join! :)

Feel free to join contests, participate in debates, answer questions, share your opinions, ask for advice, and do all of the other fun stuff that goes on here!

There is no list of rules; you just need to observe the following two warnings...

-WARNING: Discussions and/or comments that are off-topic, inappropriate, offensive, disrespectful, or any other synonym will be deleted without explanation (oh, and that includes all forms of advertisements).

-WARNING: Trolls, spammers, scammers, and other such undesirable creatures will be expelled without any warning other than this one.

Original Music of any Kind

82 discussions • 2K scores • 295 members

Title says it all :D
Feel Free to add a discussion! just keep it clean ;)

*AND CHECK THE WEBSITE AREA for FREE custom made soundfonts!*

Phoenix Council

94 discussions • 1.2K scores • 242 members

We will sometimes hold contests, code hunts and word hunts for bonus points (if possible), members showdowns, doing your roles well and other events and everybody can compose for the fun of it and you don;t have to enter the contests or member showdowns, they are all optional and if you are new to word hunts, gibberish code hunts or the like, please check out this tutorial here: (NEW TUTORIAL COMING SOON)


83 discussions • 255 scores • 202 members

For all composer to unite through competition and raising others skills and talents!


It would be nice to not have songs other than submissions in the group but I can tolerate some not being submissions. The main reason for it is so judges can easily spot the scores submitted into the current competitions.

Thank you everyone! And be you, be true. be EPIC!!! :D


The Awesome Piano Players

13 discussions • 630 scores • 198 members

In this group, we will share piano music and help eachother become piano players. This group is also connected to The Master Composers. So we will have a completion every once in whil to decide who goes and competes in their competion.

High School Composers Competition!

59 discussions • 164 scores • 194 members

Upload your best compositions to this group and as soon as we get enough scores, we'll judge them and declare a winner! :)

There are some rules that you must follow:

1. -- Keep ALL your scores and comments clean of all foul language, lewdness, or any kind of stuff that might be considered offensive. We want to keep this competition enjoyable for everyone involved.

2. -- Scores will be judged at the deadline set in the discussions.

3. -- Any composition style or instrumentation is accepted.

4. -- Only one score can be submitted per person, per competition! any additional scores will disqualify all! (so only one at a time!)

5. -- It is required that anyone posting scores to this group put HSCC #_ after the name of their submission. If you don't, the score will not be judged.

6. -- Please keep your score under 10 minutes. Any scores over 10 minutes will be penalized (there's a 30 seconds margain of error).

7. -- Last but most certainly not least, all scores should be original compositions. However, If an arrangement is submitted, the score will be judged, but it will not receive any musicality (the themes' quality category) points.

The scores will be judged by three full-time judges:
-- Robin M. Butler
-- Dun Ought
-- Alla Polacca
and one guest judge -- currently Dillweed12345.

Works are judged in three main categories:
1. -- the quality of work itself - total of 250 points:
50 points - quality of themes
50 points - themes' development
50 points - form of the work
50 points - originality
50 points - coloristics and instrumentation
2. -- the quality of score - total of 28 points:
10 points - legibility of score
8 points - rules of scores' editing
10 points - correct use of musical terms
3. -- engagement in listening to the work - 10 points.
Grand total is 288 points. After works get those points awarded, they are converted to percents, then the percent is removed and we have nice --/100 points.

There are also some penalties that may be charged:
1. -- if the work is longer than 10 minutes - 5 points
2. -- if some parts are unplayable - up to 250 (!) points
3. -- if the work doesn't follow the editions' requirements - 10 points.

For further reading, see the constitution:
or the interpretation:

The winner receives bragging rights only. (Though once/if we get going, there may be some prizes eventually.) ;P

Competitions for composers!

20 discussions • 258 scores • 131 members

The winner of every competition will choose the sides to pick in the next competition.
Send pieces to:
1- Your piece MUST be a composition, not an arrangement nor a transcription.
2- You can't vote yourself.
3- Be honest.
4- If you've got an entry, YOU HAVE TO VOTE, but not for yourself, as said before.
5- You can only have two entries for every competition.

What should I name this group...

34 discussions • 35 scores • 121 members


1: Worship Me*
2: Post a couple times a week**
3: Brush your teeth twice a day
4: Wear your seatbelt
5: Don't swear to much (if you feel the need to swear)
6: No insulting people
7: Have fun

*Okay you don't have to do that...yet
**I'm saying this so that we can keep this group active

If you don't follow these rules, especially 5 and 6, I will consider kicking you, or banning you. And I don't wanna do that

And, feel free to spam


THE Competition Group!

20 discussions • 0 scores • 98 members

This group hosts composing competitions, playing competitions, arranging competitions, and much more!

CLICK HERE to see the status of our current contest and to vote (when available).

This group is open to everyone; there is no membership hurdle because we really do want you to JOIN THIS GROUP! :D

Just a few rules:
1. No cursing (or even pretending to...)
2. No being rude (in any form...)
3. No being creepy (you know what I mean...)
4. Have fun (or at least try to...)
5. No spamming (no matter the reason...)
6. LOVE MUSIC (or at least like it...)

7. Oh, and please do not use this group to host your own competitions! All such competitions will be immediately deleted.

Jay and John's Challenges

13 discussions • 25 scores • 86 members

Created: December 16th 2018

Welcome to our music challenge group! Here, we will be holding a contest, every month or two, for compositions! I, or John, will give out a list of the requirements for the piece, such as a cord progression, the duration of the piece, etc.
Please join! Whether you wanna compose something for the challenge, or just give support to the challengers. This is going to be super fun. Hope to see you in the discussions!

Me or John, will also post random little challenges just for fun. We will tell you about who’s judging them etc. The challenges will be simple little fun things. If you win, It will be announced in the group, and we will send you a personal contact if possible, congratulating you. If you win for a music challenge, you will possibly receive a follow by me and John, a favorite, comment, and maybe something else. (No one will receive a gift or pro, or receive any money).

Also, please don’t put any scores in this group that aren’t for the challenge. :)


P.S. If we could also please keep our talking clean, with no swearing and be nice to each other, that would be wonderful. If you do any of these things, we will have to remove you, and that’s not what we want to do.

This group is going to be fun! If you like competition, writing music, or even just staying updated with the contestants, this is the place to be. So please join! Jay and I are looking forward to seeing what you got! Looking forward to seeing you all! I'm excited to see your talent!

Remember, be a good sport! No offensive language or bullying behavior of any kind or you will have to be removed from the group (see rules). And we really don't want to have to do that. 😁

Don't forget to visit our connected group "Promoting Songs" to promote winner's songs for contests! This will allow your score to spread fast!


MusiComp Prompts!! [MCP]

49 discussions • 144 scores • 76 members

Hello there! :) Welcome to MusiComp Prompts, aka MCP.

Are you in the midst of composer's block? Or maybe you're looking for a challenge, or a chance to try something new with your composing, or a little friendly competition with your fellow MuseScorers. If so, this is the perfect place for you!

This is a group where I will be posting prompts for you guys to fulfill, should you like to. If you know what a writing prompt is - basically, I will be posting that, only we will be answering them in the form of music, not writing.

You don't have to answer all of the prompts - unless you really want to, then by all means answer all of them - but rather, answer the ones that interest you and inspire you. These prompts are here for you to do with them as you would like.

Each prompt will always be open for anyone to use, but if you wish to submit your response to a prompt for actual judging, I ask that you submit your response no later than three weeks after the prompt is opened. Even after that you may submit responses, and I will try to listen to them all, but you will not be eligible for judging. I will open a discussion in which I post all of the "winners" of all of the prompts. I will release the judging rubrics in a discussion as well.

Goals of this group: to help everyone grow as musicians in various areas, to improve composition skills, to prevent and cure composer's block, and to have fun!!!

Four Prompt Types:
1. Theory Prompts - For those who would like to improve the more theoretical aspects of their compositions, Theory Prompts are the ones for you! These prompts will challenge you to write in modes or with instruments, chord progressions, and time signatures that you have never worked in before, all to improve the music theory aspects of your composing.
2. Concept Prompts - If you're looking to improve how you portray things through your music, Concept Prompts are the way to go. Concept Prompts will generally be one word (i.e. "cat" or "water"), and you may interpret and portray them however you like through your musical response to the prompt.
3. Emotion Prompts - Emotion Prompts are here to help you improve your portrayal of emotion through music. Making music emotional is one of the things most newer composers struggle with most, but we're going to try and fix that with these! Prompts may be as vague as "sadness" or as specific as "depression" (as in, actual clinical depression).
4. Story Prompts - Story Prompts are essentially exactly what they sound like, in that these prompts will generally ask you to tell a story with your musical response. These will be the most specific prompts, yet also the most open-ended, because while they start out with a specific concept, you can take that story and portray it and end it however you like through your music. Prompts could be something along the lines of "You won the lottery! What do you do your victory dance to?"

Note - This group has only three rules, but they are important, and I ask that you stick to them:
1. Be nice to everybody! Constructive criticism is okay, but please, no outright hate. Also, avoid swearing and obscenity, so that nobody feels too uncomfortable to participate.
2. Break out of your comfort zone! Test yourself and your composition skills. Even if you don't think you can do something, give it a try. You may find a new style that you like.
3. Most importantly, HAVE FUN! This group is here for YOU. We are here to help YOU, so that YOU can have fun with your music and feel inspired even at your lowest.

All right! Let's do this! Love you guys!! <3

P.S. If you have any ideas for prompts, PLEASE contact me through MuseScore, through my website, or email them to me! I am trying to keep this as organized and easily accessible as possible by being the only one posting weekly prompts, but I would still LOVE to hear and include your ideas. :)

The Nerd Music Group

24 discussions • 183 scores • 64 members

Post your music to this group for a sounding board for ideas and changes. Competitions will be held occasionally. So Enjoy!!!

Competitions, Collaboration, and Creations!

14 discussions • 45 scores • 62 members

Welcome to the Musescore Competitions, Collaborations, and Creations group, naturally controlled by RSA, as all things should be.

This group is what is says on the tin, really: Compete, collaborate, and create, but here's a few more detail

COMPETE: I will run competitions occasionally, but not very often, as I can be very busy at times.
If you are involved in a competition in any way, and would like to get more people to join, please feel free to advertise your competition groups here.

COLLABORATE: This can be as simple as asking for advice on your compositions, or as much as looking for someone to work on a piece together with, or even asking for someone to score a YouTube video or short movie. Whatever you like, really.

CREATE: Share you compositions, arrangements, and scores. If you wrote it, post it. If you arranged it, post it. If you produced it, post it! We are open here!

- No vulgar language.
- Be nice. No mean criticism, only constructive and helpful advice.
- No racism, sexism, homophobia etc.
- No spamming. I don't want to wake up with 900000 messages every day.

So, enjoy yourselves! Create, compete, and collaborate. Wrong way around.

Compete, collaborate, create.

- Joe

The Worldwide MuseScore Competition!

12 discussions • 50 scores • 60 members

Welcome to the Worldwide MuseScore Competition!

Our goal is to give composers from all over the world a chance to show off their composition skills by competing. Here are some things you'll need to know about this group:

- People of all ages and experience levels are welcome to participate.
- Please DO NOT use curse words or insulting language. If any is found in this group, the user will be banned.
- DO NOT post images or GIFs
- DO NOT post discussions unless you are an administrator and/or judge.

- Only upload scores that are to be entered into the competition.
- Mark each entry with (TWMC #_) next to the title on the front page of the score AND MuseScore upload.
- Please upload ONLY original compositions that do not contain lyrics. Arrangements or transcriptions will be removed from the group and disqualified from the competition.

(Rules will be updated if needed.)

Community Remix Competitions

18 discussions • 194 scores • 46 members

(PLEASE READ! This column contains the group rules.)
One day, feeling dissatisfied with all of the "competition" groups out there that either close down after their first competition or run on a tournament system (thereby preventing new members from joining), I stumbled across a group called "DaKook Remix Competition." In that group, each competition was centered around remixing a piece from a video game within certain restrictions. However, another option for many of the competitions was to remix a piece made by DaKook himself. This got me thinking... Why are very few people on Musescore willing to post their pieces at anything less than "All Rights Reserved" (thus preventing people from arranging them)? I understand that some users monetize their compositions elsewhere, but even those who don't, or don't even plan on ever doing so, often post them "All Rights Reserved" anyway.
All this led me to create this group, whose basic premise is this: Members post scores here that they are willing to allow other people to rearrange. The scores posted here also have to have been composed by a Musescorer at some point (this does mean that you can post arrangements of scores composed by other Musescorers as well). Every so often, I will post a competition announcement outlining the restrictions and deadline for a competition. People then have until the deadline to arrange, remix, or somehow substantially alter one of the pieces in this group within the given restrictions. After submissions close, the submitted pieces will be judged on several criteria, which may differ from contest to contest.
I will post the first contest once this group has at least five members and five scores.