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Music Enthusiasts

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Welcome to Music Enthusiasts by 013 - 44380!

Are you:
- good in composing and arranging music
- playing music instruments (e.g. violin, piano, etc.)
- enthusiastic

Be one of us!

Joining in this group is extended until November 2018!

Beginners, Piano, Friends, Broadway, and FAITH!

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We chat about everything under the sun. I love the Lord and I love musicals! And also I have played piano for 5 years but have never composed before, so all the help I can get would be very much appreciated! Also I love to sing but am not to good.... any advice on that I would also very very grateful for.

Percussion Players

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We need to show why Percussion is a fantastic group of instruments to be in.

Anything You Want!

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Welcome to the group "Anything You Want!" This is basically a free group, but you can do anything you want! But there are five rules you must follow.
One. No fake reward, or spamming, or for admins: no abuse. Any fake rewards or spamming some useless stuff will be warned, and kicked.
Two. No scamming people. Any type of scam applies to this. If you get reported of scamming people via PM or something, you will be warned, and kicked.
Three. Keep all content PG. If there is any offensive photography or video, you will be kicked.
Four. No abuse. Reporting a person to me cannot be abused. If you are getting someone in trouble, then you will be warned, then kicked.
Five. No swearing. If you swear you will be warned x3 then kicked.


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Welcome to the first John Denver group on MuseScore! I am a HUGE fan, and decided to create a group dedicated to him.

Rules: No cussing (no exceptions), and no inappropriate language of any kind.



Cia Teatro da Cidade

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Trabalhar na construção sonora e musical para o teatro.

Piano Arragenments

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If you want to join, we want to listen your arragenments. If you have problems with arranging melodies, write to us, we want to help you.

Choro International

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To promote playing of Brazilian Chorinho in all musical ensemble forms internationally and the requisite musical literacy.


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This is one grand experiment (pun intended)! Everyone who composes actively is welcome. But please try to fit in with the Mad Scientist theme...

Sport Fanatics

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Any kind of music is accepted here and any discussions about sports or music are welcome.

Symphonic Collaborations

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This a group for dedicated classical composers. We will work together to create some of the greatest classical works on Musescore. By working together we can increase the quality of our work, along with increasing our productivity. I want 4-11 people to work with me to bring in a new era of Classical on Musescore.

This is not a group you can join to promote your own music. We only post music in this group that is written by the group. I only want people who have shown that they have the ability and will to create great works of classical music for symphony.

Attention to Detail

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The aim of this group is to provide a meeting ground to share, discuss, and critique the proper and correct engraving of sheet music. There should be only constructive critisism and question / answer here. In addition, discussion is welcomed on current workarounds for unsupported MuseScore feaures, and possible future features that could be implemented.

Members are encouraged to follow these guides to help them create beautiful and correctly engraved sheet music:

This group was set to open, but is now set to moderated. Serious discussion only, please..

lets get started with musescore

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this a group for young people who have just started musescore.please join and have fun:)

Hymn Arrangers Group

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This group was created for beginner musicians/songwriters to practice writing simple hymn arrangements. Feel free to upload any of your own hymns-only arrangements. Also feel free to comment on them so we can all learn together. No swearing or crude talk is allowed.