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MuseScore Help Group

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What is needed here is in the description. I only ask that you only post pieces made from help you recieved here. Thanks!

MuseScore Drumline

60 discussions • 263 scores • 444 members

MuseScore Drumline - tips, tricks, questions, support, ideas, and more.

MuseScore Updates and Statuses

8 discussions • 0 scores • 410 members

Welcome to the blog of the MuseScore team for MuseScorers.

P.S. All topics from non-team members will be removed.

P.P.S. But Feel free to comment!

MuseScore on iOS

187 discussions • 10 scores • 363 members

Play more sheet music with the MuseScore Songbook app on your iOS device.

Original Music of any Kind

73 discussions • 1.9K scores • 278 members

Title says it all :D
Feel Free to add a discussion! just keep it clean ;)

*AND CHECK THE WEBSITE AREA for FREE custom made soundfonts!*

Guaranteed Comments

59 discussions • 152 scores • 82 members

Hey everyone! The title is pretty self explanatory. Any sheet music that you post IN this group, I will personally leave a comment on it. And if I miss any, you can let me know, so I can comment on it.
Feedback is very appreciated on this website, and this is the group to join for a 100% guarantee of comments on your scores. Hopefully other people will comment on your scores here, but you can definitely expect one from me. This is also a discussion group, so feel free to make some discussions about whatever. Just please obey the following rules.

1. No swearing
2. No inappropriate talk of any kind
3. No bullying
4. No discrimination
5. Don’t be mean
6. No spam
7. No trolling
8. Brush and floss daily
9. Wear your seatbelt

Fail to keep these rules, and I may have to remove you. And I don’t wanna do that. :)

Let’s make this one of the best groups on Musescore!

I will see you in the discussions! :D


What should I name this group...

7 discussions • 10 scores • 48 members


1: Worship Me*
2: Minimal Spamming
3: Post a couple times a week**
4: Brush your teeth twice a day
5: Wear your seatbelt
6: Don't swear to much (if you feel the need to swear)
7: No insulting people
8: Have fun

*Okay you don't have to do that...yet
**I'm saying this so that we can keep this group active

If you don't follow these rules, especially 6 and 7, I will consider kicking you, or banning you. And I don't wanna do that


The Composers

11 discussions • 50 scores • 42 members

You think you can compose and arrange? If yes, this group is for you!
Use this group for anything: Have contests on whatever you want, arrange, and compose. Discuss random things! :P
Share experience, give tips, and share your music!
Admin Rules:
1. You can delete discussions and comments that you think are inappropriate, but if you're not sure, please contact me.
2. Don't do anything for personal gain. Don't blackmail people.
3. If you break one of these 2 rules, you will be disqualified as an admin.

Mastering MuseScore

34 discussions • 10 scores • 39 members

If you are looking for information on how to use MuseScore, this is the place for you!

Group admin Marc Sabatella is Director of Education for MuseScore, one of the developers of the software, and the author of the comprehensive guide Mastering MuseScore. Let Marc be your expert guide as you explore our companion website - the ultimate resource for learning the world's most popular music notation software!

Meanwhile, feel free to take part in the discussions here on the official Mastering MuseScore group on

Legendian's Follower Group

14 discussions • 25 scores • 37 members

HELLO! Welcome to my follower group! This is where I'll have all my followers join to talk, share scores, share ideas or to just visit! I hold my followers in high regards, and I thought a group for you is a pretty good way for me to get to know you all better, and to just hang out! I would really like to get to know you all because I will be leaving MuseScore soon after the creation of my website where I'll post my 100|Follower composition, and I want to get to say something special about all of you in my shout out. I've made sure to make this composition as special as possible for all of you, as something to remember me by along with my other scores on here.

My hope is that this group will stay in memory of me, that my followers will carry on my legacy.

When I create my website, don't forget to clink the link I will post on my profile here to stay updated with new songs I'll be creating on it.

Benefits for following me include: becoming a member of my group, and getting a shout out for the end creation of my 100 follower composition!

Feel free to post anything you want! Make sure to post your scores too if you'd like!

Rules: Please,
NO bullying
NO rude language
NO rude/offensive comments
NO spamming

Most importantly, have a great time!!

-John Lavingstony
(Ian) :D


10 discussions • 108 scores • 34 members

History happened here (kinda)
Then it died.
If you’re curious about what happened, message Jaybird1.

A LOT of history happened here.
And it's dead.
Message Jaybird1, he'll tell you all about it. xDD

Christian Flute and Piano

5 discussions • 2 scores • 27 members

Anything, that is Christian, associated with the Flute and/or Piano.

Please do not use inappropriate language.
Please do not add scores that are not religious. (If you don't know if it would be considered religious, than please contact the owner.)
Please be kind and do not condemn people.
No spamming.
Comments, and scores containing anything against the rules will be deleted.
Thank you!


13 discussions • 5 scores • 13 members

Just some rules:⬇️

1. none of the things you use are one-shot weapons.

2. There are certain things have certain de buffs like burning or bleeding.

3. If you die you re spawn at an area where you don’t immediately die.

4. You can have pets. :)

5. If you are to be the one spawning a boss, people can choose to help you or let you die and you don’t have to fight the bosses in spawn either.

6. There are now villages, shops, traveling merchants, and housing.

7.No bullying.

8. No profanity/sex.

These are the main rules,other rules may apply to certain bosses, see Espurr for more details.


5 discussions • 4 scores • 12 members

we will join forces comrades and we will destroy these stupid linglings with their measly 40 hours. we will practice 73 hours


5 discussions • 0 scores • 11 members

The purpose of this group is to discuss issues related to creating scores in MuseScore that can be easily converted to Braille.

You are welcomed to ask for public domain scores to be transcribed and added to the Openscore Braille account. Volunteers to transcribe these score are always appreciated. Please post requests for scores to be added here, so people can volunteer to transcribe them for you.

If you have a score you would like listed on the OpenScore-Braille account, please provide a link to it and ensure I have a way to contact you directly. You may also e-mail me directly at

If you convert scores to braille and would like to have them included on the OpenScore Braille account, please post them here so others can see what is being worked on.

Mathematical Musicians

4 discussions • 7 scores • 9 members

I just thought it would be fun to have a group to talk about math, and help other people with their math problems. :P Feel free to join even if you don't like math and would just like some help! :D

The group is moderated, but I'll let pretty much anybody in.


3 discussions • 1 score • 8 members

Welcome to the Boy Scouts of America group! This is where scouts in MuseScore can come together to hang out! When requesting to join, please put in your request, what rank you are in scouting.

NO: cussing of any kind, inappropriate/rude language.

Try to keep the scout Oath and Law in mind while in this group. Be nice, or you'll be kicked out.

Have a good time! And for those who have earned their Eagle Scout, there is a special group waiting for you (visit the link below).