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Sax solo transcriptions

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For transcribed saxophone solos synchronized with youtube video/audio. So, you can see what is played and hear how it is played, and even slow down the playback speed to learn to play it!

Post your transcriptions and use the ones that are already done.

See the top post in "discussions" section of the group for more information.

By the way, the main "Saxophone" group is here, check it out as well:

Concert Band

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Everything related to Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Symphony, Wind Ensemble, and more.

Choir Music

21 discussions • 896 scores • 758 members

A place to test your selfwritten songs for choirs. There is a for known pieces. This can be your starting point!

Clarinets Rule!

30 discussions • 281 scores • 702 members

Don't post pieces if the woodwind lines aren't amazing (or if there aren't any). I'm (obviously) a clarinet player, and I wish to make it known that clarinets are amazing.

Viola Players

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We are dedicated to bringing together viola playing composers and discussing our works!

Jazz Group

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This group is for Jazz players or composers.

So You Think You Can Compose?

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Post your best music in this group because based on your music, the group will choose the Composer of the week. Every week on Friday night (7:30 p.m.) check the comments and see if you won or not!

MuseScore Help Group

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What is needed here is in the description. I only ask that you only post pieces made from help you recieved here. Thanks!


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it takes two to DUET! -me (random moment in band class!)

'cause we gonna DUET all night long -keanna (aka the kea in brekea) (another random moment in band class)

so yeah enjoy. and please join.

and please just post arrangements.

HEY GUYS! I write my own stories (when I'm not composing or arranging) so please click on one of these and please read them!

okay byez

PIEridot's Trombone Haven

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You like Trombone? Same here.
Wanna post it somewhere for people like me to see?
Congrats, you can put it here.
One Rule: Trombones must at least be the main focus of the piece.

The Zelda Group

20 discussions • 473 scores • 588 members

Unless the song you put into this group contains even a small Zelda part, your song will be deleted.

Please take a look at our sister group, The Mario Group:

The Experimenters!

57 discussions • 3.9K scores • 570 members

We need fearless composers of their own unique style and talent to assist us! We are here to create AT ALL COSTS. We are not afraid to experiment with music!


Seriously, though: this group is about creativity, individuality, and finding a true musical signature. Post just about anything you want. Just be sure to keep everything appropriate!


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Heard a song? Liked it? how about you write it out and share it here! It can be from film, television, radio, I DON'T CARE! Bring them here and share them with everybody. I've posted a few of my own to get us started.