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Piano Compositions

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Yes, this is the place for all of your piano compositions! :D

If you have any piano scores at all, you'll want to add them to this group... This is the 2nd largest MuseScore group and an awesome place for you to share your compositions and get valuable feedback!

Go ahead and create your own discussions for pretty much anything piano-related!

Also, you should check out the following groups...
The Teenage Composers group
The Piano Virtuoso group
The Piano Teachers group

Video Gamers

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We want people who can make music for video games and also art. Anyone can join if they want a fun discussion!

Piano Company

122 discussions • 4.7K scores • 5.8K members

"Don't only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets, for it and knowledge can raise men to the divine." Ludwig Van Beethoven

MuseScore Composers

2.4K discussions • 17.8K scores • 4.9K members

This group is designed to be as fluid as possible and fill the purposes of anyone who is looking for an audience.
Please remember to indicate whether or not critique is welcome and what sort of feedback you are wanting on your pieces (such as if you would like feedback for a particular section).

Young Composers Group

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We can learn from parents, teachers, and other adults, but we can also learn from our peers! Please post your music and help other group members make their music better.


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This group is about everything related to saxophone. Share scores (of course with sax as leading instrument) and discuss saxophone playing- and composing- related topics. Some general discussions about sax, sax music, sax players are welcome as well.

Here is the list of saxophone groups containing sets of scores as well, so check them out:

1) Saxophone ensembles group (quartets,quintets,etc.)

2) Jazz Standards Lead Sheets

3) Sax arrangements group
- saxophone arrangements of rock/pop music or movies’/games’ soundtracks:

4) Sax solo transcriptions

Get Your Music Heard!

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Hello everyone, my name is Jack. My musescore name is Mr_Musicguy, I am the new owner of "Get Your Music Heard". I will focus on revitalizing this group and getting it active.

1. Be nice to everyone and respect everyone's views.
2. Critique scores posted in the discussion.

Reward System: If you give critique to 100 people you will earn admin! Keep track of your critiques and message me when you get 100!

You can still view the old website here:

High School Composers

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Our mission is to show that there can be great composers even though we are still in high school. We are just that awesome.


53 discussions • 991 scores • 1.7K members

We are a group of violinists who also compose a tad of music.

Original Compositions

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In order to create a distinction between the songs that were originally composed by their uploaders and songs that were arranged/transcribed by their uploaders, this group was formed. Please do not add songs that you did not write to this group. I do not want to make this group moderated. Also, please only add completed pieces. Thanks!

If I removed your piece, I had reason to think that either:
1) You did not compose it; perhaps I've heard it before, or perhaps you name another person on your score or in the description (for example, your user is "Bob Jones" and the composer named on the score is "Joe Smith" or your user is "Cooldude6" and most of your scores name "Bob Jones" as composer but one score names "Joe Smith"); or
2) It is not complete; this is usually because it says "WIP" or "Incomplete" in the title. I also check scores with "Updated" in the title. Although this is not immediate grounds for removal, if I see that the "updated" score ends with some number of blank measures (more than one), I will usually remove it. If this was an intentional stylistic decision, please message me.

If you think I removed your piece unfairly, please message me. Do not just re-add it. It will be removed again. Before messaging me, please be sure that the piece does belong here.

Rules of Engagement:
1. The first time a score erroneously ends up in this group, I will remove it.
2. If a score which has already been removed from this group is put back in the group, I will remove it and leave a comment reminding the poster of the rules.
3. The second time a score which has been removed is re-added by a user, that user will be kicked from the group and blocked from joining again.

These rules seem to be necessary in order to preserve the integrity of the group. Thank you!

- U. Þ.

The Score Advice Group

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A place to share your work, talk with fellow composers, and get advise on your scores!

Beginners' Music

102 discussions • 3.5K scores • 1.4K members

If you are a beginner do not hesitate and join us, share your scores with us and give us your opinions on ours!

NO bad language
NO spamming
NO bullying of any kind


Composers - The Next Generation

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We aspire to share our music with the world, or everyone on this site at least. Post anything that you are proud of making/arranging! That's it.



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Jazz Standards Lead Sheets

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This is a group for creating MuseScore lead sheets of jazz standards. If you have created a lead sheet of a jazz standard, leave a comment with a link to your score in the List of available jazz standards discussion thread to you have your score included in the collection.

If you don't know what a lead sheet is, see the definition below under "What is a Lead Sheet?". Likewise, if you don't know what a jazz standard is, see the definition below under "What Is a Jazz Standard?".

Feel free to report mistakes in any of the scores featured in this group.

What is NOT Included in This Group's Collection

For scores that are not lead sheets of jazz standards (e.g., solo guitar arrangements, transcribed instrumental solos, original jazz compositions, educational or music theory scores, etc.), see below for recommended MuseScore groups that might be the right place for your score. If you don't find a group that matches your score, you can create a group yourself.

Other Jazz-related Groups

Jazz Lead Sheets (Originals) - Lead sheets for your original jazz compositions.

Leadsheets - Leadsheets of all musical genres.

Jazz Group - A group for jazz composers and/or arrangers who want to share original compositions and arrangements.

The Jazz Group for Jazzy People who write Jazz music! - Similar to the preceding, this is a group for jazz composers and/or arrangers who want to share original compositions and arrangements.

Jazz Solo Transcriptions - A project for documenting jazz solos via transcription.

What Is a Lead Sheet?

Most musicians would define a lead sheet as follows: a simple music score showing only the originally composed melody line of a song / composition, and chord symbols representing the chord changes of a song / composition. In the case of popular songs played in the jazz community, a lead sheet often includes the words to the song. If you've ever used a fakebook like 'The Real Book' or 'The Ultimate Jazz Fake Book', you've seen a lead sheet.

Some lead sheets may include introductory instrumental sections. For popular songs, introductory verses are sometimes included. Occasionally, a lead sheet includes a suggested bass line or a suggested chord voicing, when they are an integral part of the song or composition. For example, the lead sheets for Miles Davis' "All Blues" and "So What" in the Real Book vol. 1 feature bass lines and/or piano chord voicings considered essential to playing the composed sections of those tunes (assuming that you want to reproduce the general arrangement and feel of the original recording).

Lead sheets are primarily intended to help musicians play a song in live performance, or to learn the melody and chords of a song during a practice section.

The following are usually NOT considered lead sheets:
* A full arrangement with multiple instrumental parts
* A piano (or guitar, etc.) score with chord voicings throughout the score
* A transcription of a recorded performance including instrumental solos

What Is a Jazz Standard?

Generally speaking, jazz standards are either popular songs written between about 1910 and 1960 that have been performed by jazz musicians and singers over many years, OR instrumental tunes by jazz composers like Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk, and Wayne Shorter that have been widely performed and recorded by jazz musicians and singers of mid-20th century popular music.

As with any artistic category, sometimes the boundary lines are a little hard to draw. For example, certain 19th-century ragtime pieces, Brazilian bossa novas, folks songs, and even adaptations of classical music have become jazz standards. The important distinguishing factor for a jazz standard is that it is a piece of music that many professional and amateur jazz musicians have recorded and played live as jazz music.

Newer Compositions

If you have a particular interest in "newer" jazz compositions (those from about 1970 to the present), or pop music from the rock / R&B + soul / hip-hop eras arranged for jazz performance, please let us know, and then make some lead sheets. We'll try to find a good home for your work on

Critique and Reviews.

332 discussions • 7K scores • 1.2K members

The group for Critique, Reviews and Feedback on your pieces, as well as answers to questions about music!