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Podcast Soundtracks

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Members may post and discuss their arrangements and transcriptions of podcast soundtracks, discuss podcasts and their soundtracks, and recommend podcasts with good soundtracks (or just good podcasts). Please take elsewhere any discussion of non-podcast forms of entertainment.


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we will join forces comrades and we will destroy these stupid linglings with their measly 40 hours. we will practice 73 hours


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The purpose of this group is to discuss issues related to creating scores in MuseScore that can be easily converted to Braille.

You are welcomed to ask for public domain scores to be transcribed and added to the Openscore Braille account. Volunteers to transcribe these score are always appreciated. Please post requests for scores to be added here, so people can volunteer to transcribe them for you.

If you have a score you would like listed on the OpenScore-Braille account, please provide a link to it and ensure I have a way to contact you directly. You may also e-mail me directly at

If you convert scores to braille and would like to have them included on the OpenScore Braille account, please post them here so others can see what is being worked on.

Thank you Pewds

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Choral Composition Club

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Welcome to the Choral Composer's Club, where we create music of all sorts for choral settings (SATB, SSA, TTBB, etc.!) This includes but is not limited to original choral compositions, choral compositions with orchestra or other instruments, arrangements of instrumental pieces for choir, or folk songs arranged for choir.

Hopefully we can grow together as a community and flourish in our choral endeavors!

Violinists of the World

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Violinists from around the world can come to share their arrangements and assist others with their scores, as well as collaborate on ideas, such as movie melodies.

On The Edge Group

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Basically just a group that has updates to my (ontheedgemusicaa) arrangements of songs as well as the sheet music to them posted here. (Simply follow ontheedgemusicaa to be accepted into the group.)

Community-Based Composition Competition

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Welcome to Community-Based Composition Competition, where each month, a simple theme or other composing limitation is given, and everyone is invited to write/arrange a piece according to the month’s theme/limitation.

General Rules:
- Do not spam discussions, comments, or scores. (See below for adding scores to the group)
- Keep at least some discussions and comments on topic. (Keep all scores related to the competition)
- Be respectful of everyone. (This includes using kid-friendly language)

How the Competition Works:
- At the beginning of each month, the winner of the last month’s competition (if any) will decide on a theme/limitation and share it with an admin. The admin will then post it as the official theme/limitation for the month.
- Then, until voting begins in approximately the last seven days of the month, anyone can add their scores for the month. One score is recommended per month, but you can add more. To add a score, please put a note in the title of the upload saying that it’s for the competition. If you don’t, it will likely be deleted.
- For approximately the last seven days of the month, an admin will post a form for voting. Feel free to vote, even if you did not upload a score for the month. Once the next month starts, an admin will announce the winner. Voting may be delayed if there are not enough participants.

The Competition Nexus

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Hello, my name is Jeffrey P. Ouellette (you may have known me before as CTFRaven), and I'm currently studying music at a university in Canada.

My goal is to create and maintain a list of all competitions--both upcoming and ongoing--on the musescore platform.

If you start a competition and wish to place it on this list, you must either send me a private message, or email me at with the following

-The name of the competition
-The opening/closing date of the competition
-A full link to the competition's description

I get pop-up notifications on the email, and I will update the list within 24hrs.

-The entry will stay up until 1 week after the closing date.

-If you want to cancel your competition, send me an email stating so, and I will place -{[CANCELED]}- after the entry until the scheduled take down time. This is to alleviate confusion caused by poorly managed competitions.

Discussions in this group will be closed except for ones I create.

Be sure to invite everyone and refer to this group so we can have the most effective hub for composition and arrangement competitions.

From Electronic Performers to solo Piano

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This group is dedicated to collect electronic pieces arranged by me for solo piano. I like playing good electronics in a "classical" way.

Mathematical Musicians

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I just thought it would be fun to have a group to talk about math, and help other people with their math problems. :P Feel free to join even if you don't like math and would just like some help! :D

The group is moderated, but I'll let pretty much anybody in.


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Do you like Radiohead? Maybe just one of their songs? Then join this group! This group is for sharing music from Radiohead, and to talk about Radiohead!
Just please obey the following rules.

No swearing
No inappropriate talk
Be nice!
Have fun!

I’ll see you in the discussions!

Elephants Give Me Drinks

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This is the place for my creativity and musicality to be expressed

and stuff

all admins are under my control and submit to my will at all times

request to join or not i don't care this is just a place to house my music

Photographers United

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Welcome to the one and only photography group on MuseScore!
I'm really looking forward to getting a community of photographers together here...

Obviously, please keep all of your comments and discussions nice (but I'm hoping that won't be a problem). ;)

I definitely recommend that you all join Shuttout! It's a great online platform where we can share our photos, enter contests, and vote on each other's work.
Also, using that link will give you a free $2 bonus once you enter any contest with a premium entry! (If you don't want the money, just go to :P)

Video Game Soundtrack

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Hello, I am letting skilled composers to create a soundtrack for my video game I am making. I will pick only the best I hear, so these are the types of songs I need. The theme must be medieval.
1. Title Screen
2. Menu Theme
3. Battle Theme
4. Level Up Song
5. Main Theme
6. Win Battle Song
7. Lose Battle Song
Please put what type of song it is in the SUBTITLE OR TITLE while creating the song or IT WILL BE IGNORED!

Undertale for All

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Here at Undertale for All people make sheet music for any instrument or multiple instruments. People can also make sheet music for others by asking through discussions! If you make a score, please add it to this group. Have a great time here!

Completely Original Compositions

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I have a rule for my account: all of my work must be original. I can add onto things I find on musescore, but I do not transcribe and upload anyone else's work.
Because of that, I wanted to create a group for people to submit their original work, ask questions, request advice, and so on.

Vocal Music

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A place for everyone to add and discuss their vocal compositions, original or arrangements.


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Welcome to the Boy Scouts of America group! This is where scouts in MuseScore can come together to hang out! When requesting to join, please put in your request, what rank you are in scouting.

NO: cussing of any kind, inappropriate/rude language.

Try to keep the scout Oath and Law in mind while in this group. Be nice, or you'll be kicked out.

Have a good time! And for those who have earned their Eagle Scout, there is a special group waiting for you (visit the link below).