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Pep Band

20 discussions • 274 scores • 441 members

Everything related to Pep Band, Basketball Band, Stand Tunes and more.


18 discussions • 220 scores • 430 members

This page was created for trombone scores.

Jazz Music

24 discussions • 495 scores • 408 members

We want as many jazz composers as posible to help others improve their jazz skills.

Music Battle!

145 discussions • 24 scores • 400 members

This is a group where we have musical battles! Everyone will chose a side and one side will be crowned the victor. Then there will be a ultimate victor of the winning group!

1. Click on the discussion with info about the next battle.
2. Read the themed sides and the requirements and pick your side.
3. Make a score with the requirements.
4. Send your song in mp3 form to and include which side you joined and your Musescore username.
5. When the deadline is hit, voting starts. You vote for either side that you think should win, and you can vote for someone to be the ultimate victor, disregarding their side. At this time we are trying a new voting format, where you give multiple votes to multiple people. The more entries, the more votes you can give. You may absolutely not vote for yourself!
6. If you are crowned the ultimate victor of your side, you get to pick the 2 or more sides next time! You will just need to send the admins a message, and we will make the discussion!
7. Even if you don't win, you still get to post your song in the group! Just make sure you write that you submitted it to a battle in the description :)

*If you post the song on YouTube, please state what contest it is for and your Musescore username.

1. No voting for yourself to be the Ultimate Victor. (But you can vote for either side that you think should win.)
2. People cannot use scores they've finished and posted to musescore before the battle.
3. Any songs that have been entered in any battle may be posted in the group. Reference to the group and the fact it was written for the group should be contained within the description.
4. No being a mean person.
5. No bad language or inappropriate references.
7. Listen to all entries thoroughly before voting.
8. No not having fun! ^_^

MuseScore on iOS

196 discussions • 8 scores • 377 members

Play more sheet music with the MuseScore Songbook app on your iOS device.

Only You BESTEST Music.

27 discussions • 1.8K scores • 367 members

We will see who has the BESTEST music! (Maybe)

Ultimate Christmas Songbook

17 discussions • 258 scores • 353 members

Let's collect the largest public domain collection of Christmas carols!

Piano Virtuoso

51 discussions • 1.3K scores • 352 members

“The attraction of the virtuoso for the public is very like that of the circus for the crowd. There is always the hope that something dangerous will happen.”
— Claude Debussy

This group is for all the advanced piano players and composers on Musescore; if you are one of them, you should definitely join! :)

Feel free to join contests, participate in debates, answer questions, share your opinions, ask for advice, and do all of the other fun stuff that goes on here!

There is no list of rules; you just need to observe the following two warnings...

-WARNING: Discussions and/or comments that are off-topic, inappropriate, offensive, disrespectful, or any other synonym will be deleted without explanation (oh, and that includes all forms of advertisements).

-WARNING: Trolls, spammers, scammers, and other such undesirable creatures will be expelled without any warning other than this one.

Anyone and Everyone

27 discussions • 3K scores • 342 members

Pretty simple, just be nice to people. Not much more than that.

Original Music of any Kind

95 discussions • 2.2K scores • 341 members

Title says it all :D
Feel Free to add a discussion! just keep it clean ;)

*AND CHECK THE WEBSITE AREA for FREE custom made soundfonts!*

Best of Anime Music!

6 discussions • 373 scores • 334 members

Compose and listen to music composed for and from anime!

Anime/Video/Game/Musicsheet and Score.

24 discussions • 1.1K scores • 324 members

New Update - 2019
It is a open minded group for all type of music,
Anime, movie, soundtrack, video game and many more...

Older update - 2016
Do you like anime music? Then Join Our Group and Post Only Anime Music here!!
Join this group and post your music here. Arrangement, choir, piano, band, jazz...etc.

My Film Score Group

23 discussions • 929 scores • 310 members

A group you can join if you like the music of movies. This group Was created by Evilpie3 for a way to connect with other Movie fanatics. If you enjoy movies or movie soundtracks, join this Group !!!!!

Church Organ Musician

8 discussions • 613 scores • 298 members

To exchange and share difficult to find or private contributions of music that are suitable for service use.

Legend of Zelda Music

16 discussions • 300 scores • 277 members

Be nice. Be friendly. Offer advice. No bullying.

Christian Composers

38 discussions • 1.4K scores • 274 members

This is a group for Christians to get together, ask each other questions, and post music. Any songs or ideas you care about are appreciated here. Jesus Christ welcomed all people and this group does too.

String Orchestra

11 discussions • 552 scores • 271 members

The purpose of this group is to share music written for string orchestra or violin, viola, cello, double bass, and/or piano solos or ensembles with other people interested in this type of music.